Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A not so merry Running Christmas season

Merry Christmas! - sorry if its a bit late for greetings, its only now that I could get to write.

I'm on wave F - really a big race!
To start with, I finally got my FREE Condura Run 2013 kit last December 21.  Getting it really was an effort - left work early, left the car at Robinsons Galleria, walked up to Ortigas station, rode the train, walked up to Greenbelt 3 and back again.  Then again, its worth 1,350 if I am to pay for it, so its worth the effort - also registration is only up to December 23, so I really don't have time to do it any other day.

Now that I have a sure 21k slot for the Condura run, I had to continue with my training plan, which I did manage to finish a full week training:

Unfortunately, the 10k run hit me harder than I thought it would - I had the flu again.  It seems that my immune system really lowers down whenever I make an effort to improve my running.  I don't see myself overdoing it, yet my body seems to feel like it.  Worst part, my daughter Charlie also has the flu.

Up till today Charlie's still sick, and I'm far to worried about it for me to think about running.  Plus the weather is not too conducive - its a rainy Christmas-New Year this year. I guess running would have to wait - I have to take care of my kid and myself for now.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Condura Run 2013 21k for FREE!

Thanks to Pinoy Fitness' race kit promo (they do this contest via FB regularly), I will now be able to run my first 21k for FREE! (Although our company is given slots for this run as we carry the Condura brand).

I have been joining this promo in FB for the longest time.  It is only now that I got to win! In a very timely and important race - the Condura run is what made me run.  I didn't get to run 5k this year as it coincided with my father's birthday event.

I received an email from Jeff Lo of Pinoy Fitness last Sunday while I was about to sleep.  (This made me run 7k at race pace in the morning).  The voucher is for delivery to me within the day, hopefully i can receive it tomorrow.  Although I still have to go to Greenbelt in front of Asics to exchange the voucher for a race kit - I hate going to Greenbelt! :(  But no worries, this won't stop me from getting my FREE KIT! :)

Its a good thing that i already started training for the 21k.  I have been doing 7k runs in the morning, up from 5k from my usual runs.  Here's my training program (hit or miss):

I missed my Saturday 10k target as I was really not supposed to run that day, so i forgot to bring my bottle.  Grr!  But it did give me a good work-out.  Yes, it might not be the most immediate way to improve but what I really want to do is to be able to run a comfortable 10-15k.  If I can manage to run 15k at 1hr30mins, I think i'll do good.  My target time to finish 21k is 2hr05mins or better.

Here's to a good start for 2013!  I hope you have yours too!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cold December mornings are here

It's the time of year when its unusually colder in the mornings.  Although not yet that much, winter solstice is said to be felt on December 21 this year.

It has been  two runs that I had a hard time getting up - last Saturday, I was supposed to be up by 5:00am as I planned to run 10k easy; but I got up 6:00am instead and that made me run 8k.  This morning I was supposed to be up again by 5:00am, but got on the road 5:30am - giving me around 30mins time to run 5k against my target distance of 7-8k.  I'm into increasing distance slowly as I'm building endurance to go longer than 10k next year (wohoo 21k for the Condura Run!)

For this morning's short run, I decided to do tempo runs to maximize the short time.  Even without my low-batt Soleus and my sluggish morning, I could feel that i have improved much from my previous 5k runs.  Or it could be that I had no gadgets distracting me that I got to concentrate on my form and breathing?  Hehe!  Yeah, i'll make adjustments next time I wear it.

And that makes me want to run again tomorrow! Or maybe not - I don't want to get sick again from over-doing it.  Will try better (and earlier) on Wednesday.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Running with the HRM

So this morning I have been able to run using both my Soleus GPS and Polar HRM.  Kinda weird wearing 2 watches at the same time.  When i see runners approach me, I put my arm in my back to hide the other watch.  i don't want them to think that I'm a geek.

Yes, I'm not a geek - but I'm a data addict.  I log per km reads and aim to improve on it.  However, with the HRM, I will have a problem logging in per km.  This might be bad as I may want to have a GPS-HRM watch to replace both - and this will be costly!  Not to mention ugly as I have thin wrists.

Back to using them both, I fumbled in the  km1 as I kept on reading HR and pace, the chest strap seems to be slipping as well so I had to fasten the belt a little tighter.  It really was distracting.  After I fastened it, i decided to leave both watches and concentrate on running:

  • HR 80 when I got out of the gate
  • Lap 1 - 6:53 - fumble time, was too busy checking gadgets, didn't get a reading
  • Lap 2 - 6:07 HRM read 160.  Its just fine. 
  • Lap 3 - 6'23 HRM read 170 - I can handle this
  • Lap 4 - 5:40 HRM read 177 to 180 - ok slow down a bit
  • Lap 5 - 6:05 HRM was 175 when I began to cool down
  • Cool down - HRM was at 150  Total time 31:21 5.03KM
It is only now, after the run that I searched for a better guide.  And I found this site that pretty much covers the basic.

I made some computations based on different sites that I've read:

Sorry, don't mind the format please
Basically what I'm trying to say in the above chart is that my max beat is 185; according to 220 less age format.  There's a different computation in the bottom where there's a percentage of the age that is "said" to be more accurate than the age-based computation - slightly higher though.  Then there's the HR reserve format where you deduct the age and rest beat to get the HR reserve.  It is in the green highlights that I tend to follow.

In the final stretch of my run this morning (in the last 500m), I noticed that i am in the 177-180 beat and its my "strong-finish" mode.  I guess this is where I'm doing right.

Good to know that my 6:15 pace is under the aerobic for fitness level - I just have to run long at this pace to build endurance.  Anything higher should be done in intervals for speed training.

This report is very academic and could be open to revisions and improvements.  its a start while I fine-tune my max heart rate (maybe I'll use the OWN CAL mode in my Polar to get a personal and automated base).  I might use the 2-watch combo for another round, and put up markers on the road so I know exactly how far I've run so I don't have to wear it again with the HRM.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Missing runs this December

Happy December!

Yes, its the Christmas season once again, as always, being in retail industry does not merit me the full-happiness of the season.  December, while all my programs are already rolled-out, is crucial for planning for next year's program.  While planning is one of my best skill, getting it tuned along with other groups is what keeps me on my toes.  Also, business reviews a-plenty for the month.

As for my running, yes, I haven’t ran for the whole week!  While I planned to do it in Palawan, the hefty meals and beer that I had during my stay there made me lazy to wake up in the morning to do my run.  I really was in my worst eating condition there - and I can't blame myself, suppliers kept on feeding us!

I got home Saturday evening, which left me tired enough not to be able to run Sunday morning.  A little trip to the mall and a bit long sleep in the afternoon.  Came Monday morning, I was awake but decided to snooze.  I woke up 6am with no more time to run.  

So it is today, Tuesday that I managed to run.  Now I have come to use my Polar F6.  I set it under moderate 70%-80% exercise for a start.  While it was good for the first 500 meters or so, it was really a slow jog.  I increased speed a bit uphill and it jumped to 90%.  I relaxed down-hill and settled at 87%.  From there I maintained the pace until I get to km 3.

Seeing that I'm at a 6:30 pace, I increased speed.  HRM showed around 91% - I believe this is my 6:00 pace or faster.  I could maintain it at that level.

So it is there that I was able to finish 5km under 33 minutes.  I planned to use my Soleus together with the Polar to co-relate my pace and HR.  But I couldn't get my Soleus in the room anymore as Charlie was about to wake up.  For a more accurate reading, i'll use them both next run.

As for a race this month, negative.  There aren't that much running event available, and with my current condition, I don't think I can do a new PR - and that would devastate me. So for now, no more beer and controlled eating habits; those plus cold mornings will equate to extended sleeping hours and missed runs this December.  Lesson learned.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Down with the colds -- again!

Work's about to end today, but this time I'm not excited to wake up in the morning - I have the colds, add it up with sore-throat, equals a non-running week!  yeah, no treat this weekend as I'll be in Palawan for our store opening.  Talk about wasting a very nice long weekend to run! :(

I already have my "sort of" new Polar F6 HRM, it arrived yesterday.  "sort of" as when I receive the package, it looks old and used!  Talk about being cheap, I get what I pay for, hehe!  But the good thing is that its working.  I got to test it while having dinner last night.

Looks like it will have to wait until Sunday.  Hopefully my water therapy day today, plus tomorrow will make me recover fast, oh and yes, i'll be having some diphenhydramine and paracetamol, just to be sure.

I may have to blame my "over-excited" weekend run, I did a long run and added speed training on consecutive days.  I really should not be doing that.  Lesson learned again. :(

Although this allowed me to read about running (same with what I did when I had the flu when I read Born to Run book in 2 or 3 days, hehe!).  I had the opportunity to read through most pages of the ebook "The Ultimate Marathon Ebook" and found some interesting read:

Stretching is not really required prior to training
This is crucial as I am a morning runner.  I allot 10-15 minutes to crap do minor stretching before heading out the door to run.  Must do - go out and do slow jogs and small bursts to wake up the muscles and let the blood circulate.

Its not necessary to always aim for time in training
In most morning runs, I try to beat 6 minutes for every kilometer I run (1st kilometer is easy run, and I make up for it on the next kilometers).  This limits my run to 30 minutes each morning to 5k.  Sometimes I go 8k and not worry about the time.  Must do - Do the warm up (slow jogs + small bursts) on the first .5k or 5 minutes then do the sessions accordingly.  This would give me a higher gain from the session.

Eating prior to running
As a morning runner, I don't usually eat before I run.  I am doing it now - being able to run in morning without eating something as our body has enough stores to give us around 2 hours of running activity (depending on the intensity and how fit you are)  I would like to  think that I am in the 45 minutes-store person?  Anyway, my morning session is around 45 to 60 minutes (including warm up and cool down), so I guess I'm doing ok.  Not eating before running is also helpful as it trains my body to burn fats better.  

Gel training
Since our body can only store around 2 hours (in my case 45 minutes) of stores, Energy gels come into play.  I already have my GU gel with me, although I am saving it for a race.  Must do - try it out during my practice run and see how my body react to it.  Our digestive system acts differently when we're running, so its a must to train it to digest gels properly for it to be used efficiently.  And yes, don't drink Gatorade/Powerade together with energy gels - that will give you side stitch as occured.

There are quite a few reads from the book, but I think I want to focus it here for now.  I knew it that there's always a silver lining, you just have to learn to look for it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Running the 5k:30mins mark with the Minimus

I've ran three 5k runs with my Minimus now, my times as follows:
  • Nov 16 - 30'26
  • Nov 18 - 30'19
  • Nov 20 - 30'02
While I have been improving in my finish times, its getting harder each time I do it.  I don't know if its the shoes, that I'm adjusting to running in the correct way now, or if its the stress in the office that's eating me up.

Yes, had to mention the office - so far this is the worst season for me (this was as of yesterday, got a change of mood today)

I have this pumped-up feeling in my calves after each run with this shoes.  I don't think I had this when i was using the old Adidas shoe.  But I do notice my calves bulging now.  I wonder how many more running days for me to adjust so I can increase mileage?

Its good though that I'm improving my time during practice runs.  It has been true for me that my usual per km practice runs of 6'20 - 6'30 yields me 5'50 - 6'00 on actual race runs.  For the next practice runs, i'll increase mileage while maintaining the same pace - hopefully if I get the 8km distance at the same 6'00 pace, I can be able to finish a 10k race with 58 mins.

To translate this with my "supposed" 21k training plan:

Clearly not as I hoped it would be. :)
My debut 21k might have to be moved next year.  I may have to focus on finishing 10k faster for the remaining months this 2012.  Plus, my face is getting too thin perhaps from trying too hard.  Although my weight now is 128 lbs, higher by 3 lbs from my usual 125 lbs.   Its weird, right?  Then again, I prefer to be healthy inside, rather than to look good outside.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First run with the Minimus Road Zero

My morning run was supposed to be just to break-in my new Minimus Road Zero shoes, as well as to recover from my weekend 10k race.  As it turned out, I was running with an added thought that is so far away from running.  It just feels good that I have a clear mind to think about important issues.

Anyway, just to document the new shoes performance -

  • Running feels awkward as my heels now touch the road differently
  • Feeling that my arch was being torn up
  • My calves feel pumped
  • I feel rocks and bumps more now
Its true that wearing minimalist shoe will change the way you run.  I found out that I supinate while running, so I got to adjust to land in the ball of the foot.

It was a good, relaxed run.  Only went 4km though, as it says to take it easy on the first few tries to avoid injury.  Hopefully after this weekend run I can have a better feel of the new New Balance Minimus Road Zero.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Balance Powerrun 2012 - perfect!

11/11 - all these ones will have to be added another 1 - one hour that is for my 10k run!  Yes! my Soleus GPS finally gave me 60 minutes for 10k distance (or 59:58 to be more accurate, haha!)  I was looking at my watch as it was reaching 10k, and for that I did not focus on the finish line ahead (total distance that appeared was 10.43k)

Here's a breakdown of the per km pace with a short description of what I was thinking about per km (good thing I didn't fiddle with the watch now):

1km - 5'48 - was almost in the front of the pack, smooth start
2km - 5'31
3km - 5'57 - 1st 3k k I was running with Solenn, she's fast
4km - 6'08 - she slowed down, I slowed down but still went ahead of her
5km - 6'00 - ate a little Honeystinger gel
6km - 6'19
7km - 5'53 - had to increase pace to compensate previous 3k
8km - 5'55
9km - 5'54 - ate a little Honeystinger gel w/ powerade (is this the culprit?)
10km - 6'36 - had the side-stitch in the middle of 9k, but still went for it
.43km - 2'44

It was amazing how I can manage to run like that for the duration, pre-race preps as follows:

  1. 1 bowl monggo porridge
  2. 2 breads with Cheese
  3. 1/4 Honeystinger gel with a sip of Gatorade

I also had enough time to do my pre-race rituals this time.  Its a good thing Roxas Boulevard was not closed that morning.

It was hard to believe that I managed to run within 60 minutes for 10k!  As the usual pace i have during practice runs is above 6 mins per km.  I guess my speed training did bear its fruit.  Also the hydration and fuel I had before and during my run probably helped a bit.

Running at the pace I feel my feet was in the process of getting blisters; and I feel its because of the pace, I was wearing the thin Nike socks with my usual Adidas running shoes.  Everything was constant except for the pace.

Strides were managed when I notice it and when I'm feeling tired, and it was evident that I run better on correct strides (1-3km; 7-8km).

It was meant for me - XS! :)
Secondly, I won the raffle!  Yes, hard to believe as I'm not lucky on this area, but my bib number was called.  Its a New Balance shirt worth P2,195 - not bad at all.  Although my prizes was called in between a Timex watch and a Devant LCD TV.  A little more luck and I could've won one of those, haha!  But I'm still thankful.

Immediately after the run, i felt blisters in my feet.  Actually during the run itself, its imminent, but I still went for it.  Today, I feel it more in my leather office shoes.  Anyway, yesterday we went out, and my wife bought me a set of new New Balance Minimus Road Zero.  At last, I got them.  It indeed was a long time to get them, but its good as I get to buy them at a discount (There are a few new Minimus designs coming out now.  I found the blue/silver ones is now out, but with a P500 price difference, I just went with the red.  Awesome fit, its the same size as I buy my regular shoes, and looks like it really could be worn without socks.  But since I'm feeling blisters right now, I might still wear socks - just have to buy the right one.

Knowing that I won a good shirt, deciding to buy was easier.
Didn't arrive late for the race, getting a new personal best, winning the raffle, getting a dedicated running shoe, I would say that the New Balance Powerrun 2012 was a perfect run for me.  This just makes me want to go out and train again for the next run. :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Going for 21k... Really?

Its the last day of the work week again.  I'm excited for Sunday's New Balance Powerrun at  BGC!  I'm going for 10k again, and I'm hoping that I could beat or meet my PB of 1:03.

This week i did a 6k and 4k run this Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.  I was hoping that I would be able to do 7k distance on the latter, but stomach problems got me that morning whole day.  I had to crap at one of the gas stations in the middle of my run! :( What's with the 7k?  Well I've been thinking about my training runs and how I have not been improving on it that much.  So I've decided to challenge myself into training for 21k with little modifications:

I'm hyped about this training plan, although I put in 21k Milo on December 9 (this would be the 36th Milo Marathon National Finals), I haven't registered yet.  I still feel like running in a Milo event may not be the best for a first timer.  And I'm still looking to run a 16k race prior to doing 21k.

I think this is doable, but my concern on running more than my usual 5k runs is time - I really have to get up early, as after 5k, hunger gets me.  Although thinking about it now, it might only be in my mind, and that I may still have enough stores to run for at least an hour (I have to find this article I read).

That's my problem - its hard for me to train longer as it will require less sleep for me.  And I value sleep hours highly.  Its great if i could be able to sleep early to compensate waking up early - but its playtime for my Charlie, so I won't sacrifice it too. 

If i really can't do it, I may have to spread it - limit my work-day runs to 6k to 7k and just go for the long mileage on weekend.  It might take longer to get my peak, but its better than limiting myself to 10k runs (and i'm looking for an excuse to buy myself a pair of NB Minimus Road, hehe!)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My 10k Run United PM run

So yes, I did manage to finish my 10k run in RUPM.  (Thank you Devant!)  And as i wrote in my previous post, I didn't get to improve on my PR (1:03).  And yes, i did manage to run at 1:05. (but there was an additional 46 miliseconds there, so it could be 1:06! waaah! Unofficial that is)

Just a few issues regarding my stint in the Run United Philippine Marathon -

  • I didn't study the map, staging area and route, prior to race
  • I arrived in the staging area, Just In Time
  • Didn't get to do my pre-race rituals
  • Had to dodge all those runners in the starting line for me to get to my pace
  • I accidentally deleted ALL my run data in my Soleus

The night before the run, my wife asked me what time I would wake up.  Told her I'll be up by 3:00am, as I have to leave house by 4:00am to make it at MOA by 5:00am, as gun start was at 5:30am.  She said if she were me, she'd rather sleep!  Well, I'm used to her saying this whenever I wake up early to run.  But my mistake - I listened to her!  I woke up 3:45am, left house 4:30am and got to the parking lot by 5:15am!  The roads were closed as it was for use by the 21k and 42k runners. Talk about hectic, I had to stretch while jogging to the staging area!  But as I got down the parking lot, its a maze!  too many people walking in different directions.  Since I didn't manage to study the map, i had to walk around finding the staging area.  Until I found it.

I got in place almost at the back of the crowd.  With not enough time to do my rituals - stretching, bladder break, internalize.  Gun start!  I had to dodge the runners ahead of me, it was a slow jog until i manage to reach the starting line, took at least 2 minutes, I think.  After that, still a slow jog while I dodge runners for me to get a clear path to run.

On km 2, I did have my own pace.  Crowd has a comfortable space then.  I managed to run 5k under 32 minutes - not bad, but I'm starting to feel tired.  I think it was the dry air that day, I don't know, I didn't check the weather.  I did found my "marker" until the end of km 6.  She was ahead of me from km 3.  But left her behind by km 7

On km 7, I did get tired.  I was walking some parts, saw my pace at 7mins++.  I knew I won't get past my 1:03 PR.  But 1:05 is still possible.  So I held on. 

On km 8, after the drinking station, i decided to give it a burst, just as I have practiced on my previous run.  I managed to run 5:00 for 500m. and stayed on the easy pace to recover for the next 500m.

On km 9, I did my burst again, but only managed to run 400m.  Had to jog again, and did a burst again for 300m.  But after that, cramps!  I had to walk a few meters.  When I was able to read the clock ahead, saw that it was at 1:07, so I gave it my fullest, and ended up clocking at 1:05:46.

I really pushed myself on this, and I'm disappointed that I gave in to tiredness on mid-run.  It was supposed to be programmed!  With a few bursts to improve the few km.  

So after picking up my so-so finisher's kit (yeah, it consists of a few tablets, a blue messenger bag - but with nice material), after doing my post-race rituals.  I was reviewing my per kilometer run when I accidentally pressed the delete button - I did not panic, and decided to press the "view" button.  Alas!  It was also a button to confirm delete. :(  So there, I don't have any info on how I did, couldn't use it as reference to improve on my next run.  Good thing I managed to take a pic of the summary above, more or less, it validates some of my claims here. :)

I was impressed by the 21k and 42k runners, and their medal!  Yes, it looks like a plate!  hehe!  More than the medal, I admire them for being able to do it.  I'm aiming for that 21k!

Overall, I'm happy that I managed to finish the race.  But also a bit disappointed in me as I was at fault for the pre-race issues I had.  I guess it did have an effect on my performance.  Lesson learned again.  With that, my photo isn't as proud as it should be.

Update - Race Analysis:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

So what happened to my post-sickness run?

So I did manage to run last Saturday and this morning.  I did 4k or so last Saturday under 26 minutes (6:25 pace) and 5k this morning under 32 minutes (6:22 pace).  I guess it really isn't that bad considering the 2-weeks rest I had.

I came upon reading this post as I was thinking about the effect the 2-week rest will have in my training.  Its good to know that 2 weeks will not have that much effect in my aerobic fitness.  True enough, it didn't.  I was surprised that I could still run 2k straight on a consistent pace.  Although I had to keep it at 4k as I was thinking about the muscle pains that I could get if I pushed too hard.  After the Saturday run, no pains felt!

This morning run I had to find out under my usual 5k distance.  It wasn't that bad, 2 minutes over my usual 30min:5k pace.  Although now, I'm feeling a little effect on my arms and legs.  Yes, including the arms.  I don't know why, as I'm pretty sure I used my legs in running, hehe!  I guess its normal considering I had become thinner due to the 2 weeks inactivity.  Running does affect the whole body.

In a way, I feel good knowing that I didn't lose that much over my flu encounter.  And I feel good knowing that I'm running again.  I still have a couple of running days this week before I take on the Unilab Run United Philippine 10k race.  I might get it for free, thanks to my friend John from Devant Philippines.  New PR?  I can't say for now.  My PB was 1:03 - I guess 1:05 will not hurt that much.  I wish me luck!


John did manage to give me a free slot to run 10k at Run United Philippine race!  Good think John considered swapping the Large singlet with a Medium one (I'm sized S on singlet).  Kudos to Devant!  May you continue to support healthy living!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Running with a flu

My last run was last October 6, took two usual morning runs after my Adidas KOTR on September 30.  I can't remember it now, but in my dailymile page, indicated that it was a painful one.  Probably because I was on my way to having a flu that time, and I didn't quite listen to my body close enough to notice.

True enough I did get the flu.  I had to be bedridden for two days last October 9 and 10, just 3 days after that painful run.  I did manage to run in my thoughts on those 2 days by reading The Born Runner by Chris McDougall.  It was an amazing read!  The "Think Easy, Light, Smoooooth and Fast" concept makes sense, and I couldn't wait to try it out at the time.  The story about other ultrarunners inspire me.  Its also amazing how Caballo Blanco left the world behind him to pursue his passion of running.  Mechanics of running barefoot was also discussed.  Found another reason why its ok for me not to be a fan of Nike, as they started out the trend of making people run wrong!  Haha!

Going back, I was really hopeful that I will be back on my feet by October 14 - as this is when the Men's Health Urbanathlon will be held.  Unfortunately, i had a relapse of the flu on Saturday and yes, relapse of a flue is much painful than having the flu.  I had to manage weekends of headaches and body pain!  

Also, my daughter caught the swollen tonsils and cough on the same weekend.  I can't help but be guilty that it was because of me.  I'm really glad that my wife had the strength to take care of the two of us.  Even up to today, October 17 - she's staying with my daughter in the hospital, all day and night!

Anyway, today, I feel like I'm 100%.  My Dailymile says that its been 11 days since my last run, I guess I can manage to take a quick run this Saturday and use this as a motivation.  Although I am really afraid to go and run to continue my pre-sickness training, as I don't want a relapse.  I have to manage, after all, my next scheduled run is this November 11, barely a month to be back on track.  Its gonna be 10k - New Balance Run - my birthday run.

To end this, I have learned that I should listen to my body, you should too.

Monday, October 1, 2012

First 10k race - Adidas KOTR 2012

  • Three months of running at least 15km per week;
  • Three days / week of waking up at 5am for practice runs;
  • Landing myself a Soleus GPS watch to control those runs;
  • Getting that 30-minute 5k constant pace;
  • Validating the 30min:5k run by earning a keychain from Rexona Run (yipee!)

And the logical thing to do was to step up to a 10k run.

Yes!  I have managed to finish my first 10k (actually its more of 10.33k, based on my Soleus) last September 30 at the Adidas King of the Road 2012, held at Bonifacio Global City.  my official time was 1:03:35, rank 213 over a total of 981 runners who participated.

Not bad for a first 10k run eh?  you may disagree, as each runner has different skill sets.  But for me its not bad, considering that I at least maintained my regular pace:

  • Lap 1 - 6'02
  • Lap 2 - 5'38
  • Lap 3 - 6'20 (water stop)
  • Lap 4 - 6'02
  • Lap 5 - 6'05
  • Lap 6 - 6'08
  • Lap 7 - 6'25 (water stop)
  • Lap 8 - 6'15
  • Lap 9 - 6'22
  • Lap 10 - 6'23

Lap 9 - 10 was a devastating one for me as seen in my expression here

A little review of the KOTR 2012 run:


  • Singlet was great!
  • Weather was very conducive to run
  • Plenty of water stations
  • There were a couple of mascots cheering on the 8th km, was a good morale booster
  • Medal was awesome! (yes, this is my first finisher's medal)


  • Late gunstart
  • Very few trash bins on water stations
  • Bottleneck on one road when 5k and 10k met
  • Finisher's kit was being packed only upon claiming
  • Finisher's kit was so-so

I really did push myself to my limit in this run.  I found my constant pace of 30min:5k in the past 4 practice runs before this KOTR run, yet I managed to double the distance.  Although in the middel of the run, I did have my doubts that I may not be able to finish this strong, good thing there were a couple of women runners who were also at my pace from gun start to km 7 - I made them my silent competitor, and yes, I did manage to leave them behind on one of the water stations.

Its Tuesday today, 2 days after the run, yet my body still hurts!  Pain means gain so I welcome it with open arms.

Unfortunate that there was heavy rain this morning, I should've made my speed run.  But there's always tomorrow, and its another thing to look forward to make this work day end fast. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Migraine after a run

My morning run today was sluggish - I only got to run a meager 4k.  I really hoped it to have been a good run, as I am now half-way past my 10k beginner training schedule.

While on my 2nd kilometer run, I noticed that my mood was the same as when I got up from bed.  From here I know that this would not be a good run (normally my 2nd to 3rd km I'm adjusted already).  I still got to run at a pace, but sluggish at an average of 6:40!

I did get to prepare the day before the run - hydrated well, loaded enough energy to burn, slept at least 6 hours - but still with the heavy head.

One thing I think I missed was stretching my neck and shoulders during my warm-up.  I may have been too sleepy and too excited to run that I missed this.  Normally I alot 20 mins to warm-up to make sure that circulation was enough.

So it is when I got to the office, 30 minutes upon sitting in my chair that headache started to come in.  Usually what triggers this are:
  1. Bright sun / light
  2. Noise
  3. Hunger (yeah, I can't stay hungry for even a short time - I have a fast metabolism)
  4. Stress (or can be called "work")
With the conditions above, I think one culprit could be from the bright sun during my drive to work.  Although after googling it, I learned that there really are some migraine induced from running.  Some of the causes are same as listed above - adding dehydration and improper stretching of the neck and shoulders!  Yes, I think I found my culprit.  Getting too excited to run is not an excuse to skip this!

The next time you run, make sure to do the correct stretch-measures.  Anyway, Ibuprofen didn't do much to remove the throbbing, but it did lessen it enough to make it through my work day. :)

Monday, September 3, 2012


KETTLEBELL - I have  read about it in Men's Health May 2012 issue (i think).  It seems at first like a weird workout as it involves a moving and shifting weight.  Reading about it though, most of the things we carry on our normal day-to-day activity really does move and shift weight depending on the way  you carry it- my bag, my groceries and even my daughter!

Last Sunday I got a chance to buy my first kettlebell at Toby's.  They were on sale so I went in.  Unfortunately, weight available were on ly 4, 8 then 15 - I would like to get a 10 or a 12 pounder, 15 is just too much for a beginnner (at least that's what I think).  Anyway, I got a good deal with a 15% discount so i paid just around Php 353 for it.  I got just the basic all-metal one.  They have these plastic coated, smooth texture ones that were a little premium.  I really don't mind getting calluses.

I got to use it this morning.  Having a little experience in working out with a set of dumbbells (yeah, I worked out in a gym for at least a year, but decided to quit when the gym raised its rates) I'm a little accustomed to gripping metal.  But when I started doing basic moves like the One Arm Swing, Single Arm Overhead Swing and Side Step with Single Arm Swing Curl, I did get a weird feeling that the kettlebell will slip from my hand.  Although I got to do and combine Push Up with Row motion.  I did 2 reps of 12 counts for each side.

Now I'm in the office, I still feel the effect of the kettlebell workout I did.  At the least, I don't feel much guilty for not running this morning.  It was a good upper body workout, and I plan to purchase additional bells this week, maybe I'd get the 15lbs, and another 8lbs to balance.  But before that, I will have my morning run tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Never ending thirst for technology

RUNNING – my new hobby – this after PSP, airsoft, photography and tarantulas. i am a new runner, just finished one 5km fun run by RSC just 2 months or so. will be having my 2nd 5km at the Rexona Men run on Sept 23, then my first 10km at the Adidas KOTR on Sept 30. planning to join the Men’s Health Urbanathlon on October 14.
my inclination to gadgets and technology keeps me on wanting to infuse it with whatever i do. although my first bought gadget related tonrunning is just a plain casio lap timer watch – cheap buy at ebay. with it i tracked run-walk intervals and improved from there (i couldve just ran and stopped when im tired but hey, thats just not technical, hehe!)
when i got my tempo and improved my cardio, i traded my old car stereo for an ipod nano 6th gen. of course i upgraded it to the latest 1.20 version to incorporate the Nike+ software. it really was a useful gadget as it measured length of my run (needed a bit if callibration though), pace and kept track of my runs without me logging it manually. Nike+ site also was cool enough to show me some trends and kept me wanting to go the extra km or pace.
but the issue of having to use my belt pouch even on a morning short run to carry the nano is becoming a nuissance. also, putting it out to check my run data and putting it back gets in the way of running.
so i decided to get a single gadget that has the best of both gadgets i had – a gps watch. as the techy person that i am, ofbcourse i wouldnt just get any gps watch. i need to know about them gps watches and how they will fit my needs – measure my run distance, give me my pace, and my average times. the first brand i know is Garmin – they have the widest range of running watches from the basic to monstrous-sized FR310s.
i chose the garmin FR410. it has the basic features i need plus a good set of features that automates improving my runs like the virtual race partner that will show you if you’re lagging behind or feeding him dust. this plus the heart rate monitor and uploading of data plus the garmin software.
however, the cost implication of the FR410 prevents me from actually buying. i had to dispose of my airsoft stuff and a few spiders to raise funds – i did get to raise funds  but i bought a new set of lens while i was browsing pipho, hehe!  it was a good buy though.

this is when i got to check out an alternative brand, the soleus 1.0. it has the basic features i need – thats it though, just the basics. i dont get to have the virtual race and pc transfer or the heart rate monitor, but hr, price difference was really huge!
i got a good deal for a bnew condish Soleus 1.0 gps watch online this Thursday. i can say that this perhaps is one of the best buys i have ever made!
so i got to use it today, i haven’t run for at least 5 days as work was too much, an out of town day-trip and an unusual bad stomach.
GPS reception, as stated in most technical reviews took atmost 2 minutes. its the first time to acquire a signal in our place, so ill have to check again on my next run if it will be the same. although i wasnt bothered that much as i did my warm up while waiting for a signal. it did manage to get connected before i finish my stretches.
on the run i was amazed at how it works! i didnt get a hard time reading the numbers, i guess all the reviews i made prior to buying made me familiar with it.
i managed to run 8km under 54 minutes. prior run was 10km at 1:14. i guess i lagged a bit, probably due to the bad stomach or maybe because of the constant glancing at the watch, haha! reviewing the stats also was a breeze, and since there’s no transfer of data allowed, i logged it in my playbook’s excel log sheet. i also signed up at i guess ill just log my stats there for me to get a better view of how im progressing.
overall, the soleus 1.0 is a good techy-beginner-runner’s tool. doesn’t cost too much, but still packs the tech you need to satisfy your stat needs. now go and run!