Thursday, September 6, 2012

Migraine after a run

My morning run today was sluggish - I only got to run a meager 4k.  I really hoped it to have been a good run, as I am now half-way past my 10k beginner training schedule.

While on my 2nd kilometer run, I noticed that my mood was the same as when I got up from bed.  From here I know that this would not be a good run (normally my 2nd to 3rd km I'm adjusted already).  I still got to run at a pace, but sluggish at an average of 6:40!

I did get to prepare the day before the run - hydrated well, loaded enough energy to burn, slept at least 6 hours - but still with the heavy head.

One thing I think I missed was stretching my neck and shoulders during my warm-up.  I may have been too sleepy and too excited to run that I missed this.  Normally I alot 20 mins to warm-up to make sure that circulation was enough.

So it is when I got to the office, 30 minutes upon sitting in my chair that headache started to come in.  Usually what triggers this are:
  1. Bright sun / light
  2. Noise
  3. Hunger (yeah, I can't stay hungry for even a short time - I have a fast metabolism)
  4. Stress (or can be called "work")
With the conditions above, I think one culprit could be from the bright sun during my drive to work.  Although after googling it, I learned that there really are some migraine induced from running.  Some of the causes are same as listed above - adding dehydration and improper stretching of the neck and shoulders!  Yes, I think I found my culprit.  Getting too excited to run is not an excuse to skip this!

The next time you run, make sure to do the correct stretch-measures.  Anyway, Ibuprofen didn't do much to remove the throbbing, but it did lessen it enough to make it through my work day. :)

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