Sunday, October 28, 2012

My 10k Run United PM run

So yes, I did manage to finish my 10k run in RUPM.  (Thank you Devant!)  And as i wrote in my previous post, I didn't get to improve on my PR (1:03).  And yes, i did manage to run at 1:05. (but there was an additional 46 miliseconds there, so it could be 1:06! waaah! Unofficial that is)

Just a few issues regarding my stint in the Run United Philippine Marathon -

  • I didn't study the map, staging area and route, prior to race
  • I arrived in the staging area, Just In Time
  • Didn't get to do my pre-race rituals
  • Had to dodge all those runners in the starting line for me to get to my pace
  • I accidentally deleted ALL my run data in my Soleus

The night before the run, my wife asked me what time I would wake up.  Told her I'll be up by 3:00am, as I have to leave house by 4:00am to make it at MOA by 5:00am, as gun start was at 5:30am.  She said if she were me, she'd rather sleep!  Well, I'm used to her saying this whenever I wake up early to run.  But my mistake - I listened to her!  I woke up 3:45am, left house 4:30am and got to the parking lot by 5:15am!  The roads were closed as it was for use by the 21k and 42k runners. Talk about hectic, I had to stretch while jogging to the staging area!  But as I got down the parking lot, its a maze!  too many people walking in different directions.  Since I didn't manage to study the map, i had to walk around finding the staging area.  Until I found it.

I got in place almost at the back of the crowd.  With not enough time to do my rituals - stretching, bladder break, internalize.  Gun start!  I had to dodge the runners ahead of me, it was a slow jog until i manage to reach the starting line, took at least 2 minutes, I think.  After that, still a slow jog while I dodge runners for me to get a clear path to run.

On km 2, I did have my own pace.  Crowd has a comfortable space then.  I managed to run 5k under 32 minutes - not bad, but I'm starting to feel tired.  I think it was the dry air that day, I don't know, I didn't check the weather.  I did found my "marker" until the end of km 6.  She was ahead of me from km 3.  But left her behind by km 7

On km 7, I did get tired.  I was walking some parts, saw my pace at 7mins++.  I knew I won't get past my 1:03 PR.  But 1:05 is still possible.  So I held on. 

On km 8, after the drinking station, i decided to give it a burst, just as I have practiced on my previous run.  I managed to run 5:00 for 500m. and stayed on the easy pace to recover for the next 500m.

On km 9, I did my burst again, but only managed to run 400m.  Had to jog again, and did a burst again for 300m.  But after that, cramps!  I had to walk a few meters.  When I was able to read the clock ahead, saw that it was at 1:07, so I gave it my fullest, and ended up clocking at 1:05:46.

I really pushed myself on this, and I'm disappointed that I gave in to tiredness on mid-run.  It was supposed to be programmed!  With a few bursts to improve the few km.  

So after picking up my so-so finisher's kit (yeah, it consists of a few tablets, a blue messenger bag - but with nice material), after doing my post-race rituals.  I was reviewing my per kilometer run when I accidentally pressed the delete button - I did not panic, and decided to press the "view" button.  Alas!  It was also a button to confirm delete. :(  So there, I don't have any info on how I did, couldn't use it as reference to improve on my next run.  Good thing I managed to take a pic of the summary above, more or less, it validates some of my claims here. :)

I was impressed by the 21k and 42k runners, and their medal!  Yes, it looks like a plate!  hehe!  More than the medal, I admire them for being able to do it.  I'm aiming for that 21k!

Overall, I'm happy that I managed to finish the race.  But also a bit disappointed in me as I was at fault for the pre-race issues I had.  I guess it did have an effect on my performance.  Lesson learned again.  With that, my photo isn't as proud as it should be.

Update - Race Analysis:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

So what happened to my post-sickness run?

So I did manage to run last Saturday and this morning.  I did 4k or so last Saturday under 26 minutes (6:25 pace) and 5k this morning under 32 minutes (6:22 pace).  I guess it really isn't that bad considering the 2-weeks rest I had.

I came upon reading this post as I was thinking about the effect the 2-week rest will have in my training.  Its good to know that 2 weeks will not have that much effect in my aerobic fitness.  True enough, it didn't.  I was surprised that I could still run 2k straight on a consistent pace.  Although I had to keep it at 4k as I was thinking about the muscle pains that I could get if I pushed too hard.  After the Saturday run, no pains felt!

This morning run I had to find out under my usual 5k distance.  It wasn't that bad, 2 minutes over my usual 30min:5k pace.  Although now, I'm feeling a little effect on my arms and legs.  Yes, including the arms.  I don't know why, as I'm pretty sure I used my legs in running, hehe!  I guess its normal considering I had become thinner due to the 2 weeks inactivity.  Running does affect the whole body.

In a way, I feel good knowing that I didn't lose that much over my flu encounter.  And I feel good knowing that I'm running again.  I still have a couple of running days this week before I take on the Unilab Run United Philippine 10k race.  I might get it for free, thanks to my friend John from Devant Philippines.  New PR?  I can't say for now.  My PB was 1:03 - I guess 1:05 will not hurt that much.  I wish me luck!


John did manage to give me a free slot to run 10k at Run United Philippine race!  Good think John considered swapping the Large singlet with a Medium one (I'm sized S on singlet).  Kudos to Devant!  May you continue to support healthy living!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Running with a flu

My last run was last October 6, took two usual morning runs after my Adidas KOTR on September 30.  I can't remember it now, but in my dailymile page, indicated that it was a painful one.  Probably because I was on my way to having a flu that time, and I didn't quite listen to my body close enough to notice.

True enough I did get the flu.  I had to be bedridden for two days last October 9 and 10, just 3 days after that painful run.  I did manage to run in my thoughts on those 2 days by reading The Born Runner by Chris McDougall.  It was an amazing read!  The "Think Easy, Light, Smoooooth and Fast" concept makes sense, and I couldn't wait to try it out at the time.  The story about other ultrarunners inspire me.  Its also amazing how Caballo Blanco left the world behind him to pursue his passion of running.  Mechanics of running barefoot was also discussed.  Found another reason why its ok for me not to be a fan of Nike, as they started out the trend of making people run wrong!  Haha!

Going back, I was really hopeful that I will be back on my feet by October 14 - as this is when the Men's Health Urbanathlon will be held.  Unfortunately, i had a relapse of the flu on Saturday and yes, relapse of a flue is much painful than having the flu.  I had to manage weekends of headaches and body pain!  

Also, my daughter caught the swollen tonsils and cough on the same weekend.  I can't help but be guilty that it was because of me.  I'm really glad that my wife had the strength to take care of the two of us.  Even up to today, October 17 - she's staying with my daughter in the hospital, all day and night!

Anyway, today, I feel like I'm 100%.  My Dailymile says that its been 11 days since my last run, I guess I can manage to take a quick run this Saturday and use this as a motivation.  Although I am really afraid to go and run to continue my pre-sickness training, as I don't want a relapse.  I have to manage, after all, my next scheduled run is this November 11, barely a month to be back on track.  Its gonna be 10k - New Balance Run - my birthday run.

To end this, I have learned that I should listen to my body, you should too.

Monday, October 1, 2012

First 10k race - Adidas KOTR 2012

  • Three months of running at least 15km per week;
  • Three days / week of waking up at 5am for practice runs;
  • Landing myself a Soleus GPS watch to control those runs;
  • Getting that 30-minute 5k constant pace;
  • Validating the 30min:5k run by earning a keychain from Rexona Run (yipee!)

And the logical thing to do was to step up to a 10k run.

Yes!  I have managed to finish my first 10k (actually its more of 10.33k, based on my Soleus) last September 30 at the Adidas King of the Road 2012, held at Bonifacio Global City.  my official time was 1:03:35, rank 213 over a total of 981 runners who participated.

Not bad for a first 10k run eh?  you may disagree, as each runner has different skill sets.  But for me its not bad, considering that I at least maintained my regular pace:

  • Lap 1 - 6'02
  • Lap 2 - 5'38
  • Lap 3 - 6'20 (water stop)
  • Lap 4 - 6'02
  • Lap 5 - 6'05
  • Lap 6 - 6'08
  • Lap 7 - 6'25 (water stop)
  • Lap 8 - 6'15
  • Lap 9 - 6'22
  • Lap 10 - 6'23

Lap 9 - 10 was a devastating one for me as seen in my expression here

A little review of the KOTR 2012 run:


  • Singlet was great!
  • Weather was very conducive to run
  • Plenty of water stations
  • There were a couple of mascots cheering on the 8th km, was a good morale booster
  • Medal was awesome! (yes, this is my first finisher's medal)


  • Late gunstart
  • Very few trash bins on water stations
  • Bottleneck on one road when 5k and 10k met
  • Finisher's kit was being packed only upon claiming
  • Finisher's kit was so-so

I really did push myself to my limit in this run.  I found my constant pace of 30min:5k in the past 4 practice runs before this KOTR run, yet I managed to double the distance.  Although in the middel of the run, I did have my doubts that I may not be able to finish this strong, good thing there were a couple of women runners who were also at my pace from gun start to km 7 - I made them my silent competitor, and yes, I did manage to leave them behind on one of the water stations.

Its Tuesday today, 2 days after the run, yet my body still hurts!  Pain means gain so I welcome it with open arms.

Unfortunate that there was heavy rain this morning, I should've made my speed run.  But there's always tomorrow, and its another thing to look forward to make this work day end fast. :)