Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Running with a flu

My last run was last October 6, took two usual morning runs after my Adidas KOTR on September 30.  I can't remember it now, but in my dailymile page, indicated that it was a painful one.  Probably because I was on my way to having a flu that time, and I didn't quite listen to my body close enough to notice.

True enough I did get the flu.  I had to be bedridden for two days last October 9 and 10, just 3 days after that painful run.  I did manage to run in my thoughts on those 2 days by reading The Born Runner by Chris McDougall.  It was an amazing read!  The "Think Easy, Light, Smoooooth and Fast" concept makes sense, and I couldn't wait to try it out at the time.  The story about other ultrarunners inspire me.  Its also amazing how Caballo Blanco left the world behind him to pursue his passion of running.  Mechanics of running barefoot was also discussed.  Found another reason why its ok for me not to be a fan of Nike, as they started out the trend of making people run wrong!  Haha!

Going back, I was really hopeful that I will be back on my feet by October 14 - as this is when the Men's Health Urbanathlon will be held.  Unfortunately, i had a relapse of the flu on Saturday and yes, relapse of a flue is much painful than having the flu.  I had to manage weekends of headaches and body pain!  

Also, my daughter caught the swollen tonsils and cough on the same weekend.  I can't help but be guilty that it was because of me.  I'm really glad that my wife had the strength to take care of the two of us.  Even up to today, October 17 - she's staying with my daughter in the hospital, all day and night!

Anyway, today, I feel like I'm 100%.  My Dailymile says that its been 11 days since my last run, I guess I can manage to take a quick run this Saturday and use this as a motivation.  Although I am really afraid to go and run to continue my pre-sickness training, as I don't want a relapse.  I have to manage, after all, my next scheduled run is this November 11, barely a month to be back on track.  Its gonna be 10k - New Balance Run - my birthday run.

To end this, I have learned that I should listen to my body, you should too.

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