Sunday, October 21, 2012

So what happened to my post-sickness run?

So I did manage to run last Saturday and this morning.  I did 4k or so last Saturday under 26 minutes (6:25 pace) and 5k this morning under 32 minutes (6:22 pace).  I guess it really isn't that bad considering the 2-weeks rest I had.

I came upon reading this post as I was thinking about the effect the 2-week rest will have in my training.  Its good to know that 2 weeks will not have that much effect in my aerobic fitness.  True enough, it didn't.  I was surprised that I could still run 2k straight on a consistent pace.  Although I had to keep it at 4k as I was thinking about the muscle pains that I could get if I pushed too hard.  After the Saturday run, no pains felt!

This morning run I had to find out under my usual 5k distance.  It wasn't that bad, 2 minutes over my usual 30min:5k pace.  Although now, I'm feeling a little effect on my arms and legs.  Yes, including the arms.  I don't know why, as I'm pretty sure I used my legs in running, hehe!  I guess its normal considering I had become thinner due to the 2 weeks inactivity.  Running does affect the whole body.

In a way, I feel good knowing that I didn't lose that much over my flu encounter.  And I feel good knowing that I'm running again.  I still have a couple of running days this week before I take on the Unilab Run United Philippine 10k race.  I might get it for free, thanks to my friend John from Devant Philippines.  New PR?  I can't say for now.  My PB was 1:03 - I guess 1:05 will not hurt that much.  I wish me luck!


John did manage to give me a free slot to run 10k at Run United Philippine race!  Good think John considered swapping the Large singlet with a Medium one (I'm sized S on singlet).  Kudos to Devant!  May you continue to support healthy living!

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