Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Down with the colds -- again!

Work's about to end today, but this time I'm not excited to wake up in the morning - I have the colds, add it up with sore-throat, equals a non-running week!  yeah, no treat this weekend as I'll be in Palawan for our store opening.  Talk about wasting a very nice long weekend to run! :(

I already have my "sort of" new Polar F6 HRM, it arrived yesterday.  "sort of" as when I receive the package, it looks old and used!  Talk about being cheap, I get what I pay for, hehe!  But the good thing is that its working.  I got to test it while having dinner last night.

Looks like it will have to wait until Sunday.  Hopefully my water therapy day today, plus tomorrow will make me recover fast, oh and yes, i'll be having some diphenhydramine and paracetamol, just to be sure.

I may have to blame my "over-excited" weekend run, I did a long run and added speed training on consecutive days.  I really should not be doing that.  Lesson learned again. :(

Although this allowed me to read about running (same with what I did when I had the flu when I read Born to Run book in 2 or 3 days, hehe!).  I had the opportunity to read through most pages of the ebook "The Ultimate Marathon Ebook" and found some interesting read:

Stretching is not really required prior to training
This is crucial as I am a morning runner.  I allot 10-15 minutes to crap do minor stretching before heading out the door to run.  Must do - go out and do slow jogs and small bursts to wake up the muscles and let the blood circulate.

Its not necessary to always aim for time in training
In most morning runs, I try to beat 6 minutes for every kilometer I run (1st kilometer is easy run, and I make up for it on the next kilometers).  This limits my run to 30 minutes each morning to 5k.  Sometimes I go 8k and not worry about the time.  Must do - Do the warm up (slow jogs + small bursts) on the first .5k or 5 minutes then do the sessions accordingly.  This would give me a higher gain from the session.

Eating prior to running
As a morning runner, I don't usually eat before I run.  I am doing it now - being able to run in morning without eating something as our body has enough stores to give us around 2 hours of running activity (depending on the intensity and how fit you are)  I would like to  think that I am in the 45 minutes-store person?  Anyway, my morning session is around 45 to 60 minutes (including warm up and cool down), so I guess I'm doing ok.  Not eating before running is also helpful as it trains my body to burn fats better.  

Gel training
Since our body can only store around 2 hours (in my case 45 minutes) of stores, Energy gels come into play.  I already have my GU gel with me, although I am saving it for a race.  Must do - try it out during my practice run and see how my body react to it.  Our digestive system acts differently when we're running, so its a must to train it to digest gels properly for it to be used efficiently.  And yes, don't drink Gatorade/Powerade together with energy gels - that will give you side stitch as occured.

There are quite a few reads from the book, but I think I want to focus it here for now.  I knew it that there's always a silver lining, you just have to learn to look for it.

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