Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First run with the Minimus Road Zero

My morning run was supposed to be just to break-in my new Minimus Road Zero shoes, as well as to recover from my weekend 10k race.  As it turned out, I was running with an added thought that is so far away from running.  It just feels good that I have a clear mind to think about important issues.

Anyway, just to document the new shoes performance -

  • Running feels awkward as my heels now touch the road differently
  • Feeling that my arch was being torn up
  • My calves feel pumped
  • I feel rocks and bumps more now
Its true that wearing minimalist shoe will change the way you run.  I found out that I supinate while running, so I got to adjust to land in the ball of the foot.

It was a good, relaxed run.  Only went 4km though, as it says to take it easy on the first few tries to avoid injury.  Hopefully after this weekend run I can have a better feel of the new New Balance Minimus Road Zero.

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