Thursday, November 8, 2012

Going for 21k... Really?

Its the last day of the work week again.  I'm excited for Sunday's New Balance Powerrun at  BGC!  I'm going for 10k again, and I'm hoping that I could beat or meet my PB of 1:03.

This week i did a 6k and 4k run this Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.  I was hoping that I would be able to do 7k distance on the latter, but stomach problems got me that morning whole day.  I had to crap at one of the gas stations in the middle of my run! :( What's with the 7k?  Well I've been thinking about my training runs and how I have not been improving on it that much.  So I've decided to challenge myself into training for 21k with little modifications:

I'm hyped about this training plan, although I put in 21k Milo on December 9 (this would be the 36th Milo Marathon National Finals), I haven't registered yet.  I still feel like running in a Milo event may not be the best for a first timer.  And I'm still looking to run a 16k race prior to doing 21k.

I think this is doable, but my concern on running more than my usual 5k runs is time - I really have to get up early, as after 5k, hunger gets me.  Although thinking about it now, it might only be in my mind, and that I may still have enough stores to run for at least an hour (I have to find this article I read).

That's my problem - its hard for me to train longer as it will require less sleep for me.  And I value sleep hours highly.  Its great if i could be able to sleep early to compensate waking up early - but its playtime for my Charlie, so I won't sacrifice it too. 

If i really can't do it, I may have to spread it - limit my work-day runs to 6k to 7k and just go for the long mileage on weekend.  It might take longer to get my peak, but its better than limiting myself to 10k runs (and i'm looking for an excuse to buy myself a pair of NB Minimus Road, hehe!)

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