Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Balance Powerrun 2012 - perfect!

11/11 - all these ones will have to be added another 1 - one hour that is for my 10k run!  Yes! my Soleus GPS finally gave me 60 minutes for 10k distance (or 59:58 to be more accurate, haha!)  I was looking at my watch as it was reaching 10k, and for that I did not focus on the finish line ahead (total distance that appeared was 10.43k)

Here's a breakdown of the per km pace with a short description of what I was thinking about per km (good thing I didn't fiddle with the watch now):

1km - 5'48 - was almost in the front of the pack, smooth start
2km - 5'31
3km - 5'57 - 1st 3k k I was running with Solenn, she's fast
4km - 6'08 - she slowed down, I slowed down but still went ahead of her
5km - 6'00 - ate a little Honeystinger gel
6km - 6'19
7km - 5'53 - had to increase pace to compensate previous 3k
8km - 5'55
9km - 5'54 - ate a little Honeystinger gel w/ powerade (is this the culprit?)
10km - 6'36 - had the side-stitch in the middle of 9k, but still went for it
.43km - 2'44

It was amazing how I can manage to run like that for the duration, pre-race preps as follows:

  1. 1 bowl monggo porridge
  2. 2 breads with Cheese
  3. 1/4 Honeystinger gel with a sip of Gatorade

I also had enough time to do my pre-race rituals this time.  Its a good thing Roxas Boulevard was not closed that morning.

It was hard to believe that I managed to run within 60 minutes for 10k!  As the usual pace i have during practice runs is above 6 mins per km.  I guess my speed training did bear its fruit.  Also the hydration and fuel I had before and during my run probably helped a bit.

Running at the pace I feel my feet was in the process of getting blisters; and I feel its because of the pace, I was wearing the thin Nike socks with my usual Adidas running shoes.  Everything was constant except for the pace.

Strides were managed when I notice it and when I'm feeling tired, and it was evident that I run better on correct strides (1-3km; 7-8km).

It was meant for me - XS! :)
Secondly, I won the raffle!  Yes, hard to believe as I'm not lucky on this area, but my bib number was called.  Its a New Balance shirt worth P2,195 - not bad at all.  Although my prizes was called in between a Timex watch and a Devant LCD TV.  A little more luck and I could've won one of those, haha!  But I'm still thankful.

Immediately after the run, i felt blisters in my feet.  Actually during the run itself, its imminent, but I still went for it.  Today, I feel it more in my leather office shoes.  Anyway, yesterday we went out, and my wife bought me a set of new New Balance Minimus Road Zero.  At last, I got them.  It indeed was a long time to get them, but its good as I get to buy them at a discount (There are a few new Minimus designs coming out now.  I found the blue/silver ones is now out, but with a P500 price difference, I just went with the red.  Awesome fit, its the same size as I buy my regular shoes, and looks like it really could be worn without socks.  But since I'm feeling blisters right now, I might still wear socks - just have to buy the right one.

Knowing that I won a good shirt, deciding to buy was easier.
Didn't arrive late for the race, getting a new personal best, winning the raffle, getting a dedicated running shoe, I would say that the New Balance Powerrun 2012 was a perfect run for me.  This just makes me want to go out and train again for the next run. :)

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