Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A not so merry Running Christmas season

Merry Christmas! - sorry if its a bit late for greetings, its only now that I could get to write.

I'm on wave F - really a big race!
To start with, I finally got my FREE Condura Run 2013 kit last December 21.  Getting it really was an effort - left work early, left the car at Robinsons Galleria, walked up to Ortigas station, rode the train, walked up to Greenbelt 3 and back again.  Then again, its worth 1,350 if I am to pay for it, so its worth the effort - also registration is only up to December 23, so I really don't have time to do it any other day.

Now that I have a sure 21k slot for the Condura run, I had to continue with my training plan, which I did manage to finish a full week training:

Unfortunately, the 10k run hit me harder than I thought it would - I had the flu again.  It seems that my immune system really lowers down whenever I make an effort to improve my running.  I don't see myself overdoing it, yet my body seems to feel like it.  Worst part, my daughter Charlie also has the flu.

Up till today Charlie's still sick, and I'm far to worried about it for me to think about running.  Plus the weather is not too conducive - its a rainy Christmas-New Year this year. I guess running would have to wait - I have to take care of my kid and myself for now.

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