Monday, December 10, 2012

Cold December mornings are here

It's the time of year when its unusually colder in the mornings.  Although not yet that much, winter solstice is said to be felt on December 21 this year.

It has been  two runs that I had a hard time getting up - last Saturday, I was supposed to be up by 5:00am as I planned to run 10k easy; but I got up 6:00am instead and that made me run 8k.  This morning I was supposed to be up again by 5:00am, but got on the road 5:30am - giving me around 30mins time to run 5k against my target distance of 7-8k.  I'm into increasing distance slowly as I'm building endurance to go longer than 10k next year (wohoo 21k for the Condura Run!)

For this morning's short run, I decided to do tempo runs to maximize the short time.  Even without my low-batt Soleus and my sluggish morning, I could feel that i have improved much from my previous 5k runs.  Or it could be that I had no gadgets distracting me that I got to concentrate on my form and breathing?  Hehe!  Yeah, i'll make adjustments next time I wear it.

And that makes me want to run again tomorrow! Or maybe not - I don't want to get sick again from over-doing it.  Will try better (and earlier) on Wednesday.

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