Monday, December 17, 2012

Condura Run 2013 21k for FREE!

Thanks to Pinoy Fitness' race kit promo (they do this contest via FB regularly), I will now be able to run my first 21k for FREE! (Although our company is given slots for this run as we carry the Condura brand).

I have been joining this promo in FB for the longest time.  It is only now that I got to win! In a very timely and important race - the Condura run is what made me run.  I didn't get to run 5k this year as it coincided with my father's birthday event.

I received an email from Jeff Lo of Pinoy Fitness last Sunday while I was about to sleep.  (This made me run 7k at race pace in the morning).  The voucher is for delivery to me within the day, hopefully i can receive it tomorrow.  Although I still have to go to Greenbelt in front of Asics to exchange the voucher for a race kit - I hate going to Greenbelt! :(  But no worries, this won't stop me from getting my FREE KIT! :)

Its a good thing that i already started training for the 21k.  I have been doing 7k runs in the morning, up from 5k from my usual runs.  Here's my training program (hit or miss):

I missed my Saturday 10k target as I was really not supposed to run that day, so i forgot to bring my bottle.  Grr!  But it did give me a good work-out.  Yes, it might not be the most immediate way to improve but what I really want to do is to be able to run a comfortable 10-15k.  If I can manage to run 15k at 1hr30mins, I think i'll do good.  My target time to finish 21k is 2hr05mins or better.

Here's to a good start for 2013!  I hope you have yours too!

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