Monday, December 3, 2012

Missing runs this December

Happy December!

Yes, its the Christmas season once again, as always, being in retail industry does not merit me the full-happiness of the season.  December, while all my programs are already rolled-out, is crucial for planning for next year's program.  While planning is one of my best skill, getting it tuned along with other groups is what keeps me on my toes.  Also, business reviews a-plenty for the month.

As for my running, yes, I haven’t ran for the whole week!  While I planned to do it in Palawan, the hefty meals and beer that I had during my stay there made me lazy to wake up in the morning to do my run.  I really was in my worst eating condition there - and I can't blame myself, suppliers kept on feeding us!

I got home Saturday evening, which left me tired enough not to be able to run Sunday morning.  A little trip to the mall and a bit long sleep in the afternoon.  Came Monday morning, I was awake but decided to snooze.  I woke up 6am with no more time to run.  

So it is today, Tuesday that I managed to run.  Now I have come to use my Polar F6.  I set it under moderate 70%-80% exercise for a start.  While it was good for the first 500 meters or so, it was really a slow jog.  I increased speed a bit uphill and it jumped to 90%.  I relaxed down-hill and settled at 87%.  From there I maintained the pace until I get to km 3.

Seeing that I'm at a 6:30 pace, I increased speed.  HRM showed around 91% - I believe this is my 6:00 pace or faster.  I could maintain it at that level.

So it is there that I was able to finish 5km under 33 minutes.  I planned to use my Soleus together with the Polar to co-relate my pace and HR.  But I couldn't get my Soleus in the room anymore as Charlie was about to wake up.  For a more accurate reading, i'll use them both next run.

As for a race this month, negative.  There aren't that much running event available, and with my current condition, I don't think I can do a new PR - and that would devastate me. So for now, no more beer and controlled eating habits; those plus cold mornings will equate to extended sleeping hours and missed runs this December.  Lesson learned.

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