Thursday, December 6, 2012

Running with the HRM

So this morning I have been able to run using both my Soleus GPS and Polar HRM.  Kinda weird wearing 2 watches at the same time.  When i see runners approach me, I put my arm in my back to hide the other watch.  i don't want them to think that I'm a geek.

Yes, I'm not a geek - but I'm a data addict.  I log per km reads and aim to improve on it.  However, with the HRM, I will have a problem logging in per km.  This might be bad as I may want to have a GPS-HRM watch to replace both - and this will be costly!  Not to mention ugly as I have thin wrists.

Back to using them both, I fumbled in the  km1 as I kept on reading HR and pace, the chest strap seems to be slipping as well so I had to fasten the belt a little tighter.  It really was distracting.  After I fastened it, i decided to leave both watches and concentrate on running:

  • HR 80 when I got out of the gate
  • Lap 1 - 6:53 - fumble time, was too busy checking gadgets, didn't get a reading
  • Lap 2 - 6:07 HRM read 160.  Its just fine. 
  • Lap 3 - 6'23 HRM read 170 - I can handle this
  • Lap 4 - 5:40 HRM read 177 to 180 - ok slow down a bit
  • Lap 5 - 6:05 HRM was 175 when I began to cool down
  • Cool down - HRM was at 150  Total time 31:21 5.03KM
It is only now, after the run that I searched for a better guide.  And I found this site that pretty much covers the basic.

I made some computations based on different sites that I've read:

Sorry, don't mind the format please
Basically what I'm trying to say in the above chart is that my max beat is 185; according to 220 less age format.  There's a different computation in the bottom where there's a percentage of the age that is "said" to be more accurate than the age-based computation - slightly higher though.  Then there's the HR reserve format where you deduct the age and rest beat to get the HR reserve.  It is in the green highlights that I tend to follow.

In the final stretch of my run this morning (in the last 500m), I noticed that i am in the 177-180 beat and its my "strong-finish" mode.  I guess this is where I'm doing right.

Good to know that my 6:15 pace is under the aerobic for fitness level - I just have to run long at this pace to build endurance.  Anything higher should be done in intervals for speed training.

This report is very academic and could be open to revisions and improvements.  its a start while I fine-tune my max heart rate (maybe I'll use the OWN CAL mode in my Polar to get a personal and automated base).  I might use the 2-watch combo for another round, and put up markers on the road so I know exactly how far I've run so I don't have to wear it again with the HRM.

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