Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year to Run

Happy New Year!  Yes, its the 2nd of January and its my first blog of the year, unfortunate that I haven't ran my first run of the year due to the measles - yes, Charlie and I got the measles during the Christmas and New Year seasons.  Also, there's the iPhone 5 that I got as well yesterday! :)

I did want to do a run during the holidays, but I didn't want to be blamed in case I get sick again.  All my family members doesn't want me running anymore, they say that my body can't handle it.  Well, come to think about it, maybe.  But there's always some lapses that I made everytime I get sick:

1.  Running too fast;
2.  Running too fast, too long without hydration;
3.  Running too fast, too long without hydration and enough recovery.

My last December 23 10k run I only had a small bottle that I even finished when I finished 10k.  I didn't have anything to eat prior and immediately after that, and I didn't do enough post-workout rituals as I was in a hurry to go to church that morning.  In the afternoon I felt the soreness, Charlie was sick that day also so my immune system was down so I got it.

This 2013, I will do better in running -

1.  Run just right (distance and speed);
2.  Run with the correct hydration gear - ALWAYS!
3.  Eat and recover right - no more smoking (anyway cigarette costs too much now)
4.  Run 13.1 mi races this 2013 (with a few occasional 10Ks as long as its free!)

I might start to run again this weekend January 5.  Will wait to adjust to work schedules.  And I have this tightness in my chest that I'm monitoring.

Happy New Year!  Cheers to a better and healthier 2013 for all of us!

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