Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to basics with a little tweak for endurance

So I finally decided to take running easy and make it enjoyable as it once was (enjoyable in the sense that I can still perform my day to day tasks without the sickness - everyone's happy).

I am now running 5k again, same as I once was when I was new to running.  Back then it was simple, be able to run a 5k under 30 minutes.  Previous 2 runs clocked in at 32:xx - which was ok as it still includes the warm-up run (I do around 300-500m at a very sleepy slow pace).  I guess I'll have to adjust to this and start clocking my runs when I'm done with the warm-up so I get more accurate timing.

And so I do feel refreshed and energized after the 5k run.  Also the time is manageable as I get to get up from bed in a calm manner.  I do get to do my morning poop calmly, it comes out naturally :p

Now that I'm running 5k again, I don't have that sick and heavy feeling anymore.  I don't feel drained.  Or could it be that my infection is now over and/or that Enervon Activ multi-vitamins is now taking its effect?

So far, I'm feeling great with this setup.  Although I haven't seen any training plan for 21k that includes running 5-6k then alternating long, easy runs 10-12k.  But I'll experiment with my own - speed training and long-run alternates:

Monday, Wednesday/Thursday - 5k to 6k speed
Saturday/Sunday - 10k to 12k endurance (eventually go farther as I progress)

I'm looking to run the Run United 2013 series, its one of the biggest running events also, and has a very creative set of medals (can be joined together to form 1 big medal that doubles as a plate).  It will be held on March 17 - more than enough time to work on endurance.

So will I make 21k with my new training plan?  Let's see by February 17 if there's any improvements.

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