Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Looking back 2012 - What's for 2013?

2012 triggered my running hobby.  It was with the Condura Run 2012, when I got a free race entry for 5k that I started to look into running.  Unfortunate that I couldn't get to run it though as it was the birthday of my dad in February.  I haven't experienced running yet so the power of beer came over me that time.

It was March that I started to run, right after I bought my Adidas shoes at the outlet shop along NLEX.  Plus the Casio basic digital watch that I bought this month that helped me time my first runs.

Bought another set of Shoes, this time the New Balance Minimus Road Zero last November, and my Soleus GPS 1.0 watch this September.

I remember my first run that what my mind was thinking, the body didn't achieve!  I got shortness of breath less than half of what I thought would be an easy distance.  I ran 3km during weekdays and 5km during weekend.  With the basic digital watch i just ran and rested on intervals.

I did manage to join some runs - with the objective to fuel me to continue training:

New Balance Powerrun - 10k (1:02:56 - registered 59:58 for 10k in my Soleus) / November
Run United Philippine Marathon - 10k (1:05:52) / October
Adidas King of the Road - 10k (1:03:35) / October
Rexona Run - 5k / September
RSC Fit and Fun Buddy Run 5k /July

I got started recording digitally using NIKE+ and Daily Mile from August until now:

I can say that my objective for 2012 was met as I did manage to run 10k under 1 hour.  Although actual race results were more as the distance measured in my watch was longer. Still, i know that I manage to beat 10k under an hour.

A bunch of fevers, cough, cold and flu continue to hit me.  This started when I started to train for longer runs in preparation for 21k Condura Run 2013.  Seeing the chart above, i managed to log longer KM during September when i was running 5k and training for 10k (where I got sick as well in October and failed to run in the Men's Health Urbanathlon as I incorporated strength training along with cardio - wrong move as I aimed for too much too soon).

For 2013 - I have started training for 21k (although I haven't reached a higher distance than 10k yet).  I have a scheduled Condura Run 2013 this February, hopefully I can get to follow my training plans (as of today, I went back to 5k tempo, as I really was too lazy to run longer than that).

So I guess until i get to run an actual 21k race, my 2013 plans would have to be to keep the running-fire burning inside me, do better in recovering to avoid sickness and to keep on running.  Have a healthy 2013 ahead guys!

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