Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New goal - to run faster!

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So I found a new way to liven up my running - go faster!

I have been running 5k on weekdays and for the past 4 runs, i clocked in less than 6 mins/km, with the fastest ever at 5:42/km.

It really is quite amazing that in the 4 runs I had (5 actually, but I sprained my ankle on one run so i had a little set back) I managed to run longer under less than 6 minutes pace!

Usually I just run the final kilometer on sprint and that is where I take back a few seconds off the total time.  But in the past runs, I stretch it even for the whole 5k which was really quite surprising that I was able to do it. (had a major side stitch on the last hill sprint though, haha!)

Changes I made in the past 2 weeks:

  1. Been taking Enervon ACTIV multi-vitamins (usually I just take Vitamin C daily) - dunno if this has an effect, but I don't get sick anymore and its good enough for me);
  2. Doing warm-ups then stretching, rather than stretching then running;
  3. Cool down and stretching again
  4. Hydration on-hand even on 5k runs (take a sip around the 3rd km)
  5. Both warm-ups and cool-downs are outside of the 5k run (therefore timing the correct pace)
Would it be too much to aim for 25 minutes for 5k?  Probably have to do a month or two training for this but its a challenge that i'm open to accept.  But I also don't want to limit it under 5k so I'll still incorporate long, easy runs on weekends to translate to a faster 10k PR.

So the key for me is to diversify and focus on running goals.  If one doesn't work, get another one!  Got sick and tired (literally and figuratively) training for 21k, so I guess I'll improve on getting faster then improve the miles accordingly.

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