Sunday, January 6, 2013

Running with the sickness; backlog in 21k training

So I did manage to do 2 runs for 15K the past week - that was from Zero Km from the 2-sick-weeks I got from the flu and measles last holiday season.  Really not the most productive and optimized training for my 21k at Condura Run 2013 - I'm already at a backlog in my training schedule!

This really is turning into a bad training for me.  Its just 2 weeks ago that I got sick, and now I have the colds and cough again.  I'm supposed to be at the 30k/wk now and my 8k run yesterday was forced-run.  I really didn't have it in me yesterday, but I really pushed it.  Its good that my condition didn't get worse today, but I did have a feeling of shortness of breath this morning, but its probably due to the cough.  I'll be observing this today.

Also, I think what I did yesterday to recover from running even with a sickly feeling helped, enough that I don't feel any worse today:

1.  full body stretch post-run
2.  ate 3 bread immediately with peanut butter and Honey Stinger
3.  ate another set of rice plus lots of liquid (coconut juice and Gatorade)
4.  slept for about 2 hours
5.  worn my More Miles compression socks (for 8 hours)
6.  drank plenty of water the whole day
7.  slept earlier than usual

I hope to clear my cough in 2 days, this means my next run would be Wednesday.  I will start to drink plenty of liquids and eat well.  As it is, if its really long distance training that's causing my sickness, I have no choice but to delay it.

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