Thursday, February 28, 2013

Increasing mileage slowly and sick-free!

Its the first of March and I'm proud of the recent monthly accomplishments I made for the 1st 2 months of 2013:

December as I said in previous post was supposed to be the start of my 21k training.  Unfortunately I was aiming too far too soon, sickness and injury got to me.

January I started to go back to basics and run the usual 5k, with a few intervals and speed runs.  It went fine with no colds, flu or injury (aside from the sprain that's still hitting me when I land my foot wrong).

February even with the fewer dates I managed to log 74km, up 8% from my January mileage.  By the end of February, I finally got to run 10k at a comfortable 1:02 time.  I believe that came from my speed trainings plus increase in food intake - yeah, I've been eating much this past few days.

For March I plan to log 80km to 85km (50mi).  I'd get this by running:

  • Weekends - 10k x 4 = 40k
  • Weedays - 5k x 8 = 40k / 6k x 8 = 48k (if I can get up early to make it 6k)

Of course the distance above are targets, as it will depend on my moods and weather conditions.  I'm seeing the 21k dream run coming soon. :)

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