Monday, February 4, 2013

Joy in running

I'm at peace this morning.  (Yes, even after tweeting Globe about their missing LTE service in my location - been tired of reading their RT on subscribers enjoying LTE service, that its the fastest connection ever - I'm waiting for them to do a RT).

So my peace made me think about the joy in running.  What possible joy could i have in doing something that makes me out of breath, and gives me the cold, muscle and foot pains?!  Alright, let's give it a try:

  • My body's happy - Removes excess baggage - I used to have this belt bag/pouch kinda bulging in my waist.  I don't see them anymore
  • My lungs are happy - Cut down on smoking - I used to smoke around 6 to 8 sticks a day, now its down to 3 (my office is in the 4th floor, its hard to walk down all the time as I'm tired and with the leg pains I get from running, hehe!)
  • My liver's happy - Made me dread drinking some more - I like drinking but I don't like the effects of it in the morning.  Since I do my runs in the mornings, I schedule drinking not to interfere with my runs and recovery times - this leaves no time for drinking.
  • My tummy's happy - Been eating less rice and more fruits and vegetables.  Liquids has also increased most especially on days when I run.
  • Mommy and baby's Pizza party on
    Papa Teng's birthday
  • My wallet's happy - running is really a low-cost way to be healthy.  After I got the essentials - shoes, shorts, watch and even socks - All i need to invest is time!
Overall well-being is the end-result of running.  Knowing that I invested now in maintaining my health makes me feel good knowing that in the coming years I would be healthy enough to not get old early and have those heart ailments and stuff.  It also means that its possible for me to enjoy longer my daughter and her daughters in the future - Ahh, life's good! So is the pizza we ate last night on Papa Teng's birthday, Happy Birthday Papa! :)

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