Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Run - just plain run

I woke up this morning feeling pumped!  As this run was supposed to be yesterday but got cancelled on account of rain.  So yesterday, I’m set to running in the morning even if I got home late due to a presentation rehearsal.  Even if I know that I’m gonna do something that will probably affect my legs in the morning – boom! :)

Anyway, I got up this morning on the first sound of my chirping alarm.  I did my morning rituals in prepping for a morning run and did my usual warm-up session.

It was then I realized that I didn’t make a plan on how to proceed today.  I was so happy with my weekend run and very much looked forward to running that I didn’t plan for it.

Anyway, as soon as I started running, I decided to do a tempo run.  Yeah, its been past 3 runs since I did a tempo so I decided to go for it.  First 2 sets was fine, did a 5:45 on the first 500m and a 5:20 on the 2nd 500m.  Slowed down back to the next 500m and pushed the next 500m.

On to the 3rd, I was forced to slow-down as traffic was unusually heavy.  It messed up my tempo.  So when it was free again, I just decided to go for speed to make up for it until the next kilometer.

On the 4th, I got a little side-stitch so I slowed down to recover.  I said I’d just go with speed again after.  Unfortunately, I bonked and could not sustain the speed (this probably from the “even ifs” I wrote back on top – it came back to me big time!).  So I just got back to easy run and decided to do an extra kilometer again to at least improve on distance (got a decent below 6 on this extra set). 

Doesn't end there - extra kilometer I ran messed up my schedule, got out of the house late as I had to at least clean the car, traffic was still a mess that I had to go around it, got in the office late - my second for the year!  Grrr!  And now I feel tired.  Still got a long day in work.

Going back, so it was I got a nasty time for the 6k run.  Just goes to show that not planning your run (as it is in life), plus stress factors not considered will give you unsatisfactory results (and a not so good day ahead).  So I’ll start planning for my next run 2 days from now – this I guarantee.

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