Monday, February 11, 2013

With great training comes great eatings

Its the 3rd week now that I have been speeding up my running base.  I have been running less than the 6-minute pace quite easily - this coming from the weekend easy run of 8k - including the usual stop light and rude driver pauses during that run.

And its been more than a week that I have been eating quite more than I used to.  Two days ago last week I have been feasting and filling up on McDonald's junk - I usually shy off this type of food.  Chicken, rice (make it 2), spaghetti, soda and a Flurry to top it off.  Twice for breakfast, light afternoon snack and heavy dinner is my everyday feeding routine.

Just yesterday, normally I don't get to eat this much on one sitting.  I mean TGIFridays have the same food and it didn't seem that its taste yesterday was that awesome for me to be able to eat this much - yeah there's more desert after this.

I have been reading that the key to a good recovery is to rest and to eat - yes, to increase caloric intake.  I don't really measure the foods I eat, I just eat them the way I want to.  Although I'm conscious enough not to eat the nasty stuff.  I make it a point to eat fruits whenever I see one.

Anyway, its good that I have the appetite to eat much now, unlike in the previous months where the wife and in-laws were noticing that I don't eat much.  It seems that my intake now is accordance with my training.  Now I have to check the quality of what I eat and not just to stuff my stomach with whatever I see.  Hmm, I'm  hungry again, good thing I have my 2nd breakfast on-hand - peanut butter!  Haha!

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