Monday, March 18, 2013

First 16k with Yakult 10-miler Run 2013

My last run was I think last November 2012 for the New Balance run, it was a 10k run.  I remember as I got to buy my NB Minimus Zero at a discounted price, and I have yet to use it in a race - that was until yesterday at the Yakult 10-miler Run 2013.

Yakult anyone?
The Yakult 10-miler Run 2013 is in its 24th year and one of the pioneers in running events in the Philippines.  I think the other one is Milo.  The Yakult run is probably one of the cheapest (read-affordable) 16k runs at P500, with 5k and 3k at a much cheaper race fee.  The affordability is translated into basic inclusions - Singlet, Race bib with timing chip, Race guideline and map - that's it.  Upon finishing there's a finisher's shirt (just your basic T-shirt) and a couple of bottles of Yakult (I was given 2 but I think  others got 1 and 3).  There was a Skechers booth and a water station, that's it.  Oh and hydration stops serve water, and there were a few sponges available.

The Yakult run was really as basic as it gets.  Route was good as it was in the long stretch of Roxas Boulevard - wide road and with just a couple of U-turns on both ends.  I prefer that instead of the inside roads with frequent turns of BGC.

Going back to this being my first race this 2013 - I was given by my good friend from Devant John a 10k race-kit for the Run United 1 last Thursday.  And this Yakult run registration was made on the day I was given a free race.  So I have 2 races that will happen on the same day!  

Since I paid for the Yakult run and it was a 16k race, I took this and gave the Run United 1 race kit to one of our Graphic Artists in the office - that I learned didn't run the race as it was "too early".  He was expecting it to be around 7am (which is a little hot to start running as its summer already)

The Run United 1 was originally scheduled a little late this month (March 24, I think), and I don't understand why it was moved along with the Yakult run.  It only made a competition between running events.  Yakult's turn-out was very small.  Considering Run United series' all out hype, plus pre and post race activities.  No contest.

Anyway, I'm glad that I still got to run on the weekend.  I'm really not the kind of runner who races for the medals, beautifl singlets, concerts or post-activities like games, photo booths and stuff.  I wake up early, run and go home afterwards (I don't like staying in the morning as I get migraine when it gets bright and hot.

Race bits:

  1. Got to the event early 30 minutes before it starts
  2. Warm-up and gun-start on time at 5:30am
  3. Took my time at an average of 6 minutes per kilometer (I was aiming to sustain the whole 16k at this time, I didn't know if I can do it faster so I didn't gamble) Breakdown as follows:
    • 1km - 5:57
    • 2km - 5:45
    • 3km - 5:50
    • 4km - 5:58
    • 5km - 5:39 (29:09 - could've been better, but didn't gamble on bonking later)
    • 6km - 5:53
    • 7km - 6:00
    • 8km - 5:57
    • 9km - 6:05
    • 10km - 5:53 (58:57 - best time for 10k so far)
    • 11km - 6:05
    • 12km - 6:00
    • 13km - 6:05
    • 14km - 5:52
    • 15km - 6:05
    • 16km - 5:38 (1:34:42 - I should've tried to be this fast on the 14th to 16th marker)
  4. Took water breaks on km 4, 8, 12 and 14 markers.
  5. Took GU on km 8 and 12 markers
  6. Soleus clocked it in at 1:34:52 at 16.02km with an average speed of 10.1km/h or 5:55 pace - better than expected
  7. Official time of 1:35:31(I guess this is gun-time)
  8. Got my Finisher's shirt and 2 bottles of Yakult, had my post-race rituals and went home.
Btw, I got to use the Body Glide that my wife bought me.  Previous 12k practice run I had a couple of chafes in my underarm and nips.  This time there was none.  I'm satisfied with the product.

Also got to use GU Roctane.  Although i'm just used to taking in the regular GU, but my wife bought me the Roctane.  It didn't feel any different from the regular GU.
Near finish - looks fresh for a change

Overall I feel that my preparation for longer distance is paying off.  Afterall, I did manage to run the whole length of the distance at my intended pace, with a few faster time as I felt that I could squeeze.  I did get a blister in my right foot though, and my thighs and calf muscles are a bit sore - usual pains after a run.

So what's next for me?  I might run a couple of 16k on my weekend long runs until I get the hang of it before doing HM.  But there is a BDO Race for Life Run 2013 on April 7 that I'm thinking of joining for 21k.  This is in 2 weeks time, with only one weekend to do a long run.  I'm really excited to do a weekend long run again, and its good that I'm excited.  But 2 weeks with only 1 weekend to prepare?  Excitement might not be enough.

My McMillan Running Calculator says that I can be able to finish HM in 2:06:36.  Although that's my most acceptable conservative time, I'd really love to finish it in 2 hours flat.  For this I need to run at least 5:40/km for the whole stretch.  I don't think I can do that yet.

So the confusion's here:
  1. Should I run 21k for the sake of me to know if I am able to run that distance? (Run now improve later?)
  2. Should I train first to meet the target time of sub-2 hours? (Prepare now, run after?)
Your views may help me decide, but please make it quick. :)

Anyway, there's a deadline for registration, I'll have to check if its still open.  For the mean time, I'll look for another possible race at a later date.  Below's the official time of the Yakult 10-miler run 2013, I'm number 188 from a total of 796 runners:

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