Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fit and Fun Buddy Run

The first running event I joined last year is here again.  Its just now that I learned that its on its 6th year.  

Being my first run I experienced a lot of newbie errors including late registration, arriving late on gun time and running without any pre-race preps.

Being a part of the Robinsons Retail Group, we were given a special registration schedule along with company rate.  Same with other company initiated programs, I thought that it would be alright if I do the registration on my most convenient time.  I didn't know that there would really be a limit, or that there were lots of interested participants from the Retail Group.  So me and my buddy got on the waiting list (but was the first on the list)

As my first time to run in BGC, I didn't time my travel well.  I thought that since its "early", there wouldn't be too much traffic.  Wrong again, Roxas Boulevard was closed due to another race, and I had to take the inner, winding roads to BGC.  Getting there was no easy task as well as the roads were closed to traffic, so I had to find my way to a parking slot - I didn't get to a parking slot so I just parked my car on an open road.

Since my buddy was already there, she couldn't race as the marshalls were strict in asking for the buddy.  So when I got there, it really was a pain to find my buddy as I forgot to bring my mobile.  I had to find someone I know to call her to say that I'm already there.  Anyway, we still got to run it.

2 bottles made me tired
On the route, it really was a run-walk thing.  My buddy, like me didn't have the training for it.  I did have a few practice runs prior to this so I could do more.  So I asked my buddy that I'll go first and meet at one point before the finish line.  I did get to run most of it and it felt good!  

This was my first water stop, and being a Supermarket run, there were booths of energy drinks handing over cups and bottles.  Seeing that most of them got the bottles, I got one too.  There were also some water bottles given away, so I got one too.  Yeah I know, i got to be cheap doing that - but it was my first time.  I'm not doig that again!

Post-race, the crowd was really heavy on the give-aways booth from fruits like bananas and pineapple to ice-creams to juices, photo booths (there were only 2) and all.  It really was wild.  I guess the small staging area was at fault.  HOpefully this next race event it will be improved.

I forgot how much I clocked here, but its really not that important to me that time.  I just wanted to know how it was to run a race.  And the Supermarket Buddy Run made me want to run more.  I owe this race my current lifestyle, and I will run this again.  

The Fit & Fun run makes it easy for new runners to go into running.  Running with your buddy will make the experience enjoyable.  Its also good for competitive runners, just be sure to get a partner that will be able to keep your target pace.  I highly recommend this running event.

The Fit & Fun run by Robinsons Supermarket will be on June 30, 2013 at Bonifacio Global City.  Overview below:
  • Race distances - 1k (Kids), 5k and 10k races with a buddy
  • Registration fees 1k @ 300/pair, 5k @ 1,200/pair and 10k @1,500/pair
  • Inclusive of - singlets, Bib numbers with timing chips, race map, rules & regulations, Finisher's lootbags
For more information you may visit Pinoy Fitness or Robinsons Supermaket Facebook Page.

Post run pic at the race map - yeah I won't be doing this anymore at any future races 

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