Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hitting 100k and long weekend stuff

Happy Easter!

The four-day holiday was a blast, with enough time to run and take a breather from work.  Here’s a rundown of running activities and updates.

Got the 33km mark this week

Yeah!  More free days more runs!  Two work-week day runs of 5k each and a 10k & 13k on the non-working days made me find my potential to go further.  I know I can sustain this coz I’m injury-free today.  Although the 10k run was a bit of a drag due to the heavy heat and sun that morning.  If there’s one thing that would keep me from running the distance it would be the summer heat.  At 6:30 in the morning its already sunny and hot!  Although this may be a good time to heat train as I know its going to get worse. Hydration and proper gears will be improved on and checked.

Losing a gear

Lost this one :(
The Thursday run didn’t end with the drag, but left me without my Adidas cap.  I was at my usual post-run corner doing my stretching when I took off my cap to let my head breath.  I really felt hot after that run so I removed it.  While I was cooling off, I told myself not to forget my cap and I kept looking at it.  Might have had my “senior moment” so I still forgot about it as I left.  Only found out about it late in the afternoon as I was preparing my gears for washing.  Good thing that my friend gave me a Reebok running cap last Christmas day so I still have one with me.  But I felt bad for three days on losing it (the P600 I paid for it is what’s bothering me, actually)

Running the 13k after a 10k run

So even after doing a sluggish 10k two days before, I decided to do a long run on that Saturday morning.  I felt good when I woke up that morning.  So I just put on my shoe, got my water bottle and gel and went on.  Warm up was a good one and I immediately felt that this would be a good one.  Until I got to my main route - at that early, the sun is shining bright already.  And since I lost my Adidas cap the other run, I didn’t bring another one.  I pushed on anyway as I didn’t want a small detail ruin my momentum.

So I pushed on.  Getting to km7 I was still running quite well and on pace.  Took a gel and continued on.  I was on my way back to complete a 10k run when I turned to go another round.  Sun was shining high that time but still pushed on.  By km10 I felt the ground getting too hot and the sun shining brighter.  And km 11 to 13 easily became a drag.  Also I’m out of water.  As my watch gave me the 13k mark, I immediately got into cool down mode.  I really am hot!

The 100km mark for the month

The recent post I made that I’m planning to get the 85km mark for the month of March was reached.  I also said that that won’t include the 10-miler Yakult run.  This ended up in a 100km for the month, well above February’s 78km mark.  Thanks to the holidays and extra weekend this March, I got to race to this distance.  However, I missed today’s run.  I’ll just treat it as an extra recovery day to prepare for the 25km run this week.

Moving forward & enjoying the little things

After that 13k run, I wanted to continue cooling down so I played with water a little and decided to give my shoes its 1st washing (yeah, I just use it and dump it –  icky but true)
Family went to MOA that day just to roam around and for us to enjoy the holiday.  And as I’m planning to do my heat training, I decided to go to Toby’s Arena to shop for a good hydration bottle.   They only have this small “sprint” hand-held bottle available for P495.  It was too small compared to the Powerade energy drink bottle that I’m currently using with 500mL capacity.  I’m looking at getting the handheld water bottle that has a bigger capacity.  I ended up buying 2 GUs instead. 

I ended my activities on Black Saturday, we just relaxed for Sunday to prepare us for work again.  I had a hard time telling my daughter that we'll be back to the office again as she really enjoyed the vacation with us (as I did too).  That's the reality, really can't just run and go out and have fun all the time.  But it really was a fun weekend to rememeber.  

Enjoying the little things in life and in family, I hope you'll start doing it too:

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