Sunday, March 10, 2013

My first 12k after a year of running

Yesssss-terday was my first time to run more than 10km; I did my first 12k!  

The route

My usual C4 to C3 route will not suffice for the distance (I get bored if I go around that 4km block twice) so I had to extend it further to a more unfriendly route (dogs in packs roaming around, plus rocky pavement that will shoot rocks if cars’ wheels roll on it).  In passing these treacherous grounds I stay alert and always try to find a way to higher grounds should the dogs find my legs yummy, haha!

The gear

I was wearing my usual race attire – shorts, NB shoes, socks, singlet 500mL water,  GU and all.  What bothered me is the chafing that I felt sometime around km9.  Usually I just feel it in my armpits, but now its even in my nips.  I can still feel it even this morning’s shower!  I just ordered Bodyglide at Toby’s online, hopefully they’ll do a good job and be able to send it.

The mindset

I said it in a previous post that I’ll be targeting 12k this weekend.  So that was the goal.  I didn’t put any thoughts on how long I’ll run it.  It really was just a long run as part of my training.

The afterthoughts

1.       I didn’t know if I can make it to 12k so I had to control my first few kms.
2.       The new route after the 5k makes me slower than the usual, and I have to be conscious on my pace so I can keep up.  On an actual race, this will not be a factor as the route is controlled; so I can concentrate on running.
3.       By km8, the idea of doubling it to run a 16k made me tired; even if I ate GU at this point
4.       Was tempted to stop and call it a day as I passed by my start/end line at km 10.xx 
5.       Was extremely happy when I finished 12k but a little unhappy because of the pains from chafing!

I think what was tough was the point where my mind was gearing toward not being able to go farther than my usual distance.  Two things probably; (1) after running for a year, I have been limited to running 5ks and 10ks so that’s my most comfortable distance.  And (2) is that there’s nothing much to see in the road.  Running in a race makes running an enjoyable activity. Perhaps that will help should I decide to race in a longer distance.

I signed up the form for the Yakult 10-miler this Sunday.  Hopefully if there’s still a slot, I think coming from an 8-mile run this weekend I can manage to do the remaining 2 at still my own pace.  After all, I managed to hit 6:08/km pace in my practice run.  I’m sure adrenalin and will power will contribute on actual race day- Hopefully. J

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