Monday, March 4, 2013

On may way to 21k

Recent developments in my mileage and running efficiency makes me all tingly inside.  It seems that my 21k dream will soon come to a reality!  I've been running quite fine these past few days, with a double 10k on a weekends plus a good 5k interval run this morning that gave me a sub-5 on a couple of 500m sessions.

Moving forward for the remaining weekdays I plan to run at least 10k more, plus another 12k on a weekend.

As discussed in the previous post, I plan to do 80k to 85k this month.  This does not include yet my plan to run Yakult 10-miler run this March 17 as a tune-up race (My last race was the New Balance run last November 2012!).  If only my in-law can proceed with my registration then it would be great!

If I can make it this March without any injuries and/or sickness then maybe I can go on with my dream HM.  So far I've been having this cold but I think its more from an allergy so I'm good.  Let's see this weekend if I can pull-off the 12k - this will be my longest run ever if I do manage this.  Woohooo! Exciting!

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