Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What keeps you going?

Since yesterday until now, I have this migraine/nausea thingy happening, and I really don't feel good today.  Its been a long time since I had this; I was thinking that running made my migraine go away.  But I do have it again, and it didn't go away with sleep.  So I'll force myself to handle this with meds the rest of the day.

But I'm not complaining, not after I read a post by The Boring Runner about Iram Leon who finished first the Gusher Marathon at 3:07:35.  Oh and he won pushing his 6-year old daughter in a stroller and he has brain cancer.  

There's a lot to love in this pic!
These words touched me - "This is supposed to eat away at my memory in the end," Iram Leon said of the cancer in his left temporal lobe. "But I hope this memory is one of the last things to go and one she never loses."   

He pushed the stroller with his daughter to the end and won first - even with the weight and the resistance - it didn't stop him as her daughter in the stroller was what was keeping him going.  You the man Iram!

We are on the same boat with our love for our daughters. Same with The Runner Dad, I run to be healthy so I can live fully to be with my daughter and family.  Although I am not living in the most healthy way ( I still smoke a little), I am conscious that I have to be active to stay fit.

I admire Iram, and I wish him the best days to share with his daughter.  I hope there could be something that can be done for his cancer too.  I agree with Adam that there's no other person who can tell his story other than himself.  Read it here.

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