Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making up for running isn't as hard as it is for something else

The previous post I made was a rant of the lack of focus in running as work gets in its way.  For the past work week I thought that I would never get back on track – this with the opening of our branch at Pulilan; it was a Friday – scheduled for a morning 5k run to prep for a Saturday long run, but instead, had to wake up 5am to be at the office by 7am to travel.

Basically it was a day full of tiresome standing/walking and road trips as we visited 2 stores in the north – Marquee Mall and S&R Pampanga.  I enjoyed it as well as I got to visit the two stores.  But what excited me more was seeing R.O.X. shop at Marquee Mall.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to go inside it as I had no time.  So I just waved goodbye at it as we passed by (also saw R.O.X. when we went to CDO this Monday, but again didn’t get to go inside).  Would’ve gotten myself a visor had I gone inside.

 Dubia colony - kinda cute
Anyway, yes that day was a tiring day that I never thought of running in the morning.  But I got this text message late in the day that I could get the feeders of my spiders in Monumento area at 7:00am the next day.  Since I really needed those feeders, I decided to run and get it at the same time.

As it is with “all” spider/feeders hobbyist that I happen to come across with, they’re late!  By 7am I was already at the meeting place after having ran 7km.  I managed to run at least 3km more while waiting for him to arrive.  Anyway after having met him, 30 minutes after the agreed time and knowing that he forgot to bring my order (but he gave me another set that’s of bigger value for my inconvenience, thank you) I finally got to run back home for an additional 3.5km.  It was around 8am this time so the sun was waaaay up high.

It was amazing to see that I have managed to run 13.5km that day.  Although the run-walk-rest in between while waiting for the delivery boy could’ve been a factor why I got to run that long without the heaviness.

Since it bothers me that much thinking that I have “cheated” my way to 13.5km that day, I decided to run the next day again.  I decided to just run a 5k that day, just to be sure that I maximize mileage without injuring me.  But on the 3.5km mark, it felt easy – so I just ran until I got to my starting point, and it was 8km.

Around 55 miles for April
So there it was, running a good 13.5k plus 8k on a weekend that I thought would be nothing more of a R&R weekend, and I felt my calf and quads stiff.  I applied cold compress on those stiff muscles (while I got to sleep 3 times yesterday).  They’re not that sore when I woke up this morning – which is a very welcome thing!

Overall, I reached the 90km mileage for April, a little down from the 106km last March (where there was a long weekend plus a 10-miler race I joined).  Not bad at all, coming from a week where I thought would be a disaster for my target mileage.  I might add another 5k tomorrow for my morning run.  Making up for running isn’t as hard as making up for other things - Its quite enjoyable actually. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

When it hits you - too tired to run

Looks like its going to be a very conservative mileage this month of April.  This week I've been finding it hard to get up in the morning to do a run.  For the past 3 days I felt tired, not just physically but mentally.  Work has been hitting me a lot lately with all the deadlines and all.  I have been getting the headaches and migraines for the past 3 days now.

Yesterday was supposed to be an easy morning run, right after a speed session the day before that.  This morning was no different either as it really was soooo hard to get up in bed.  I really feel that there's something wrong with my body.  Its unusual for me to give-in this easy. 

Not running was a result of me listening to my body and its a good thing.  But there's a feeling of guilt again that this will affect my training.  Last month I clocked a pretty good mileage.  At the rate I'm going now, I'll be back to my mileage 2 months ago!

I'm adjusting today with my intakes, and will get enough rest tonight (meaning no more candy crush and bookworm!) to feel good enough to run in the morning (and the day after that) #mindset

Monday, April 15, 2013

New running goal

Yesterday I was able to watch the Barefoot & Thompson World Triathlon in Auckland in Solar Sports.  I wasn’t planning on watching it, I just happen to come across to it while flipping the channels.

I was amazed watching it.  Although it was a redundant sequence of biking, changing places, running, changing places, being able to understand a bit of the pain in keeping up with that pace amazed me.  I don’t know any of them, and it was in reading the report online that I came to know those very famous names and ranks (no worries as I think I won’t be following any of them so it’s no concern to know them more)

It’s the first time for me to see elites run, their form and style.  Watching them run for 10km after the bike, from the start of it where they are changing places, to the stretch where you can see who outlasts them all.  The winner Javier Gomez didn’t start the run in first place but ended up leading the pack as the race went on.  It was amazing how he gave a high-five to one of his team mates and the crowd as he approached the finish line.  He did have the luxury of doing it as the next runner was way out of sight.

While I won’t be doing any triathlon attempt (I don’t know how to swim); duathlon may be possible (but I don’t have a bike); its more of an attempt to get improve my running form.  I saw in slo-mo how he swayed his arms while running the pace.  I’m no expert on running form, but I really did like how synced his form was.

If I am to research about him and know how and when he started, I’m pretty sure that its really passion and dedication to the sport that gets him there.  I’m no where near to that level, but it was enough to make me speed run this morning’s 5k run.  It was exhausting, pressured my heart beat much that tunnel-vision was close to getting me (yeah, I pulled back a little when I felt that).  Running goal is to push myself more to being fast around 5:30ish per km, while getting the 30k/week mileage.  Just hope my body can be able to cope up with the change in running technique – don’t want to get injured again, that’s for sure.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Minor running setback

Yeah, I know, its been a long time since I blogged.  It’s not enough that my blog don’t have that much readers, it doesn’t have anything new to read at all!

After a good 33k/week - slump to 15k due to work and a head cold
Case in point, the first week of April isn’t run-friendly with the two main factors:
A little something to excite me in
running in the heat

  1. Work – was too much as I had to work on timelines that always seem to be adjusted due to factors uncontrollable.  Just when I thought that things are running as planned, there will always be issues that would pop-up and had to be worked on
  2. Heat – it’s a very hot summer.  I would run 5:30 in the morning and yet the sun is up, humidity adds up on it.  I got the headcold after the toxic store opening - travelling in the heat lowered my immune system.
My usual Powerade spout bottle don’t cut 10k or more km so I bought the Ultimate Direction FastDraw Plus hydration bottle to improve on it.  So far it works fine during the last long run I made.  Just a little nuisance on the baby-bottle-like spout, had trouble drinking through it, but finally got the hang of it after 3 use.

There is a third issue but really must be considered before running – domestication.  My two sisters gave birth, 2 months in between them.  Baby Chael and Baby Miles, girl and boy, respectively.  Currently Baby Miles is staying with us, and with the C-section, they sleep in my room.  So I had to transfer to another bedroom upstairs where the bed is sooo not comfy for me.  I have the stiff-neck for a week already.  And for some reason, my body seem to make it hard to get up in the morning (airconditioning is better in the room upstairs).

Nursery's open for viewing from 3 to 5pm
This aside from the extra work I have to do around the house to make it more baby-friendly.  Its really a very domesticated life I’m living now, but I enjoy seeing my nieces together with my baby.  
Charlie enjoys posing with her cousins
Running seems to be at the backseat now.  Its really hard to squeeze running due to travels and work; I am too tired to wake up in the morning from it; the heat limits me from doing long runs; and the house duties keep me occupied.  These usually happen one at a time, but since its happening all together, I might need some time to adjust.  I don’t like it when I find reasons to stop running, it just isn’t right.  Although I try, like 11k this non-working Tuesday, and another 5k interval this morning.  I needed a lot of effort to do it though.

But with the domestication thing, its just fine.  I enjoy being around the babies at home.  As I said, enjoy the little things. :)