Thursday, April 11, 2013

Minor running setback

Yeah, I know, its been a long time since I blogged.  It’s not enough that my blog don’t have that much readers, it doesn’t have anything new to read at all!

After a good 33k/week - slump to 15k due to work and a head cold
Case in point, the first week of April isn’t run-friendly with the two main factors:
A little something to excite me in
running in the heat

  1. Work – was too much as I had to work on timelines that always seem to be adjusted due to factors uncontrollable.  Just when I thought that things are running as planned, there will always be issues that would pop-up and had to be worked on
  2. Heat – it’s a very hot summer.  I would run 5:30 in the morning and yet the sun is up, humidity adds up on it.  I got the headcold after the toxic store opening - travelling in the heat lowered my immune system.
My usual Powerade spout bottle don’t cut 10k or more km so I bought the Ultimate Direction FastDraw Plus hydration bottle to improve on it.  So far it works fine during the last long run I made.  Just a little nuisance on the baby-bottle-like spout, had trouble drinking through it, but finally got the hang of it after 3 use.

There is a third issue but really must be considered before running – domestication.  My two sisters gave birth, 2 months in between them.  Baby Chael and Baby Miles, girl and boy, respectively.  Currently Baby Miles is staying with us, and with the C-section, they sleep in my room.  So I had to transfer to another bedroom upstairs where the bed is sooo not comfy for me.  I have the stiff-neck for a week already.  And for some reason, my body seem to make it hard to get up in the morning (airconditioning is better in the room upstairs).

Nursery's open for viewing from 3 to 5pm
This aside from the extra work I have to do around the house to make it more baby-friendly.  Its really a very domesticated life I’m living now, but I enjoy seeing my nieces together with my baby.  
Charlie enjoys posing with her cousins
Running seems to be at the backseat now.  Its really hard to squeeze running due to travels and work; I am too tired to wake up in the morning from it; the heat limits me from doing long runs; and the house duties keep me occupied.  These usually happen one at a time, but since its happening all together, I might need some time to adjust.  I don’t like it when I find reasons to stop running, it just isn’t right.  Although I try, like 11k this non-working Tuesday, and another 5k interval this morning.  I needed a lot of effort to do it though.

But with the domestication thing, its just fine.  I enjoy being around the babies at home.  As I said, enjoy the little things. :)

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