Monday, May 20, 2013

Running low

Day 1 - Clark Airport to HKG
It has been two weeks since I ran my best long-run.  Since then, I have been occupied by work and family affairs (both are priorities with the latter getting the most of it) that I haven’t made any progress on my training plan.

The last 18km run I made was the longest so far.  The weekend that followed that was for our HKG trip for my daughter’s 4th birthday and mother’s day celebration-in-one.  I ran 10k that week.

While I did not manage to run in HKG like I thought I would, it was no walk in the park either.  Getting there has been one hell of a walkathon!  From the airport to the hotel, to the tours and destinations, it has got long walks.  Not to mention that I have my daughter with me, so we do have carry-me moments.  It’s a good thing I have been running for quite some time.  Otherwise I couldn’t have survived those long and steep walks.
Day 2 Disney Land

The work week that followed I have managed to run 2-5k morning runs – hill repeats and tempo.  Damn the Run Less Run Faster book I read!  I tried the tempo session that probably made me bonk the long run.  Really should’ve read it first before doing it.

I had another schedule that weekend to be in Batangas for my in-laws to attend a wedding.  Basically it was a 160km driving day.  I did manage to go out that morning for a long run, but ended up just running 8k.  Just when the weather was perfect that day, it just wasn’t in me to run – tired legs from a previous day tempo run hit me hard.
Day 3 Ocean Park

So the week ended in 18k run (very from the target 28-33k week-run)

I was able to run this start of the week, although a weak 4k run due to stomach issues.  Yesterday I also felt like the flu’s coming and I can still feel it now.  Slight head cold as well.

If I were to listen to my body, I would just take easy morning runs until I recover and get my game back.  It also doesn’t help me thinking about running for fitness, rather than running for HM anymore.  I really need to take on a race again soon.  

Tomorrow is a new day, as runners always say.  I will start easy again until I get the hang of running again.  So far there’s no plan yet this weekend.  And the next toxic work schedule will be up next week as I’ll be out of town for 2 days.  The Run United 2 run will be on the 2nd of June.  If I’m gonna be given my free entry, I have no idea how I would fair on the HM.  For now I have to go back to work.

At the Lima Park Hotel in Batangas

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Skipping a crucial run

This weekend we’ll be off to HK for a dual celebration – Charlie’s 4th birthday and mother’s day; actually it’s also my wife’s company outing all into one.  We’re all packed and ready to go as of last night.

My luggage consist the 3-day wardrobe that I’ll be using.  Hidden somewhere is a set of running gear as well.  Its our first time in HK, and I have really no idea if I can be able to do a run there.  While the weekend trip is focused on Disney Land for my daughter, I can’t help but think about my running program.  From running an 18k last Saturday, I am supposed to run at least 21k this weekend.  I had my share of bad run this work week, and now I’m skipping my long run. 

Its really hard to train for a longer distance race.  While the drive to run is there, it’s the schedule that gets in the way.  Don’t get me wrong, my priority is really family time. Its just that I want to strike while the iron is hot.  This is gonna be the first weekend (that I’m not injured) that I won’t be able to run – and its when its in the crucial period.

Maybe I can find a good location to squeeze in a few kilometers in HK.  Heck I'll even take on a threadmill inside a gym!  As always I’ll do it in the morning when everyone’s asleep and I won’t skip anything (bottled water costs too much in HK as I heard, hopefully Gatorade won’t be).

The good thing in running is that I can always do it the next time.  I’m sure with the drive to do it and a few short weekday runs when I get back and good hydration I can be able to wing the next long run.  After all the 18k I did last weekend was supposed to be a 10-miler.  I just had it in me that day to run a couple more.

If I was able to run in HK, I’ll definitely write about it.  I’m still hoping that I could.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bad run

Couldn't barely keep my eyes open

Bad run – which is all I can say as the source of my discomfort / weird floating sensation here in the office today.  Migraine attack! I’m sleepy.  The usual upbeat and light mood I get after doing my morning run is not present – opposite actually.

Bad mood – just got pissed by the way the team is doing.  I didn’t do it verbally though as I don’t think I can stop once I start.  Just sitting here, quiet, doing my thing – writing and conceptualizing my Q3 program – I hope the migraine will go away.

Looking back on why I got the bad run – toxic week at work – my mind can handle only so much projects.  Lack of hydration – probably.  Too much coffee drinking made.  Lack of sleep – not really.  It’s the usual 11pm bed time for me, and I only had 2 morning 5k runs this week.  Did I overdo my run?  No, its just the usual 10k pace on a 5k distance.

I really can’t think of a solid reason why I had feelings of a bad run today.  I’m really excited to run this week as I will miss out my weekend long run due to an out of the country trip.  Then again, bad run happens to runners.  I know I have my share of it.  Running is never easy and not that fun all the time.  But runners know how easy it is for the next run to be better.  And I’m looking forward to next week to do it. 

I didn't drink these in one afternoon sitting  ('said it with eyes wide-open)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

How i found the runner in me

Found out about's facebook fan page and just so happens that they have this contest to share your running story and photo and win a 21k race kit and a team dri-fit shirt. While the chance to represent team sounds awesome as it might be my chance to possibly get to know other runners, the mechanics that the most number of "likes" photo will be deemed the winner is a bit off for me. (Visit

Anyway, i like writing about my running as much as i like the actual running (although doing it in my iPhone now makes it a bit cumbersome and makes me want to stop) and thinking about it, yeah, i havent done my running story yet. So its fitting that i write about it now. Anyway even if i dont make it to win, i still get my fill in writing. So here goes.

I started running when i was given a free Condura race kit for 5k last 2012. Although i didnt get to run it as it was the morning after my dad's bday. I started running just to see if i can. Afterall, what can be hard in running? Of course my first run was a total disappointment. I couldnt run quite as i expected.

I'm the type of person who don't give up easily on what i want to do. I've done PSP, airsoft, photography and i pretty much excelled on those - i learned to hack my own PSP, got to be a gunsmith for airsoft guns, and became a beginner's trainor for photography in our company. So the logical step i made - I learned about running and even started blogging again.

Its a good thing there's lots of reading materials on running in the internet. There are so many runners who's very much willing to share their experience about traning plans, nutrition, gears and everything there is about running. So its really easy to trust the most common of those posts.

So while my first objective was to know about running and how i can manage to run a 5k in a consistent time (of which i did in the last Rexona run). I also got to absorb the discipline attached to running. The best so far among the many benefits is that i cut smoking and ate healthy foods. It really did come out easy to do those things as the benefits were easily seen. The improvement it made in my body was the best prize i ever got. So from running to see if i can do it, it turned to running as a part of my life to live healthy and hopefully longer to enjoy life with my family.

Of course as it is with life, there is a series of ups and downs. Nine months of running and i was already running 10k races and gearing toward training for the half marathon, i got injured. It seems i was hit with the common beginner's "aiming too much too soon" story. And so it was a setback of another 2 months before i was able to go back to training for that much anticipated HM. The key here is to never give up and just keep running.

As i mentioned about my blog (, i also got into blogging again as i got serious into running. I also mentioned that i'm really "alone" in this hobby, so my blog became my running buddy. Rants, training plans, running thoughts and all are in there. I didnt even publish it or even got to show it to anyone until after several months. As i was afraid that i wouldnt be able to sustain it. But i did publish it eventually. So the in-betweens in my running story can be found there. The title of the blog is about the runner in me and how it developed and continues to do so. While it seems that the blog is intended to talk about "me" - it doesn't. It talks about the runner - in me, in you, in all of us. I hope i could impart the readers something to bring out the runner in them too. As i want them to see and feel the beauty of running and the change that it brings to those who commit to do it. Its just this morning that I got to run my longest ever at 18k, and i dont plan on stopping anytime soon. And the collage i put here will continue to grow with it (special thanks to grupong pagong runners and kit elma for the photos).

That's my story. See you at the finish line guys! (Hopefully the Run United 2 would be my first HM) Race safe!