Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bad run

Couldn't barely keep my eyes open

Bad run – which is all I can say as the source of my discomfort / weird floating sensation here in the office today.  Migraine attack! I’m sleepy.  The usual upbeat and light mood I get after doing my morning run is not present – opposite actually.

Bad mood – just got pissed by the way the team is doing.  I didn’t do it verbally though as I don’t think I can stop once I start.  Just sitting here, quiet, doing my thing – writing and conceptualizing my Q3 program – I hope the migraine will go away.

Looking back on why I got the bad run – toxic week at work – my mind can handle only so much projects.  Lack of hydration – probably.  Too much coffee drinking made.  Lack of sleep – not really.  It’s the usual 11pm bed time for me, and I only had 2 morning 5k runs this week.  Did I overdo my run?  No, its just the usual 10k pace on a 5k distance.

I really can’t think of a solid reason why I had feelings of a bad run today.  I’m really excited to run this week as I will miss out my weekend long run due to an out of the country trip.  Then again, bad run happens to runners.  I know I have my share of it.  Running is never easy and not that fun all the time.  But runners know how easy it is for the next run to be better.  And I’m looking forward to next week to do it. 

I didn't drink these in one afternoon sitting  ('said it with eyes wide-open)

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