Thursday, May 9, 2013

Skipping a crucial run

This weekend we’ll be off to HK for a dual celebration – Charlie’s 4th birthday and mother’s day; actually it’s also my wife’s company outing all into one.  We’re all packed and ready to go as of last night.

My luggage consist the 3-day wardrobe that I’ll be using.  Hidden somewhere is a set of running gear as well.  Its our first time in HK, and I have really no idea if I can be able to do a run there.  While the weekend trip is focused on Disney Land for my daughter, I can’t help but think about my running program.  From running an 18k last Saturday, I am supposed to run at least 21k this weekend.  I had my share of bad run this work week, and now I’m skipping my long run. 

Its really hard to train for a longer distance race.  While the drive to run is there, it’s the schedule that gets in the way.  Don’t get me wrong, my priority is really family time. Its just that I want to strike while the iron is hot.  This is gonna be the first weekend (that I’m not injured) that I won’t be able to run – and its when its in the crucial period.

Maybe I can find a good location to squeeze in a few kilometers in HK.  Heck I'll even take on a threadmill inside a gym!  As always I’ll do it in the morning when everyone’s asleep and I won’t skip anything (bottled water costs too much in HK as I heard, hopefully Gatorade won’t be).

The good thing in running is that I can always do it the next time.  I’m sure with the drive to do it and a few short weekday runs when I get back and good hydration I can be able to wing the next long run.  After all the 18k I did last weekend was supposed to be a 10-miler.  I just had it in me that day to run a couple more.

If I was able to run in HK, I’ll definitely write about it.  I’m still hoping that I could.

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