Thursday, June 27, 2013

A bit of a pain and a new pair of shoes

I felt this after last Friday’s run at the office where I ran it at 10k under an hour.  A slight pain on the inside of my left ankle; googled it and found it looks like PTT.  I’ve read a couple of threads, looked at pictures of how and why it occurs and yes, it seems I’m on that path that lead to PTT.

To identify what I’m doing that’s probably causing it:

1.  Last Wednesday when I did my 5k morning run, I felt it again.  I adjusted my form to counter it.  I do feel the difference when I change my form, so that’s one down.

2.  Another would be the pace that I’m running.  I have ran 10k races every 2 weeks intervals (third would be this Sunday for the Robinsons Supermarket Fit and Fun Buddy Run), alongside that I am now running at 10k pace on my training days and do hills and intervals whenever I run.  So its running TMTS that’s another culprit?

But I’ll be running the HM on Milo Run this July 28, so I really need to push it!

Yeah, been there when I was transitioning from 10k to the HM last year, been a disaster as I was sidelined for at least a month!  And eight months after that happened, I’m doing it again.

So while the two reasons above is my fault, another would be the SHOE – reading about PTT some comments seem to be about the footwear that “may” help correct this.  Or do I just want a new pair of running shoes?

I’m currently a New Balance Minimus Road Zero user, been in it for about 7 months now.  So far I think I’ve adjusted well to the semi (if not none) cushioned, zero drop shoe by now.  Yet I’m still having those blisters under the ball of my right foot (had this the 2nd time now) although I haven’t really invested yet in running socks, and I guess its cheaper to buy running socks than shoes.

I guess if I’m buying a new pair of shoes, it would be when I reach the 500 mileage.  Right now I’m at 350+.  Another 2 months and I’ll be at 500.  I’m gearing at the Saucony Kinvara Series 4.

Today I foregone with my morning 5k run as I still feel the PTT and my shins acting up.  I’ll be backing up a little until it dies.  Come this July I’ll be back training for the Milo HM, so the pain have to die down.

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