Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My first (paid) HM – going for 21k in the Milo marathon

This morning I didn’t think, I just clicked – registered for the HM for the Milo Marathon this July 28 at the MOA.

Why am I stressing this?  For every planning I make on doing the 21k, I keep on having these considerations such as “I have a store opening on this province” or “I will be attending an event on this weekend” or “I wouldn’t have time to do a series of runs due to rainy season” and on and on.  While July 28 is the birthday of my sister – I’ll just attend to both no matter what happens.  And that’s a period.

Also, I have been seeing a lot of 21k and 32k runners that aren’t really that prepared for it.  I’m not against them nor do I condemn those finishers who walked it just to get a medal (‘nuff said, I talk too much).  But I’m sure that I already done enough that I can run a 21k at my planned pace.

Also, the race fee is very much attractive, compared to most 21k runs.

If all scheduled runs will fall as planned, I have the following at hand:

June 9 – RUPM2 – 10k (sponsored, done)
June 16 – Petron Safety Run – 10k (sponsored, but do not have the kit yet)
June 30 – RSC Fit and Fun Buddy Run – 10k (waiting for the lottery result)
July 7 – Adidas KOTR – 16.8k (waiting for sponsorship or if I can manage to pay 1,300)
July 28 – MILO – 21k (paid)

It is a busy running season this mid-year.  The RUPM2 10k run awaken my running passion, thanks to the errors I made in it.  Yesterday’s Independence Day training run I managed to run 10k:1hour.  And I felt really good in that run, even without using a gel.  (I just ate Nutella as to fill up my tank that morning).

I’m now focused on my running again – would be hydrating and training to run faster and longer.  The 10k races would be my pre-race gauge to check how I’m doing.  Hopefully I can be able to sustain this focus – go for the 2:03 21k!

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