Sunday, June 23, 2013

Running on rain

Or is it (no)-Running this rainy season?  The whole work-week after my good Petron 10k run has been nothing but a sleep fest.  I haven’t done any runs the past week due to both work and rain and a little bit of sinus issues.

Last Friday, while my wife is off to a relaxing night at the spa, I got to run with my running buddy for the Robinsons Supermarket Fit and Fun Run here in the office grounds.  It was a lot of firsts for me – first to run at night, first to run at the office grounds, first to run (this year) on the rain.  Even with the whole list of firsts that should’ve made me think of doing it, I still did it!  Missing a whole week run did it for me.

At first, getting dressed for a run at a place where people dress for work was odd, so I had to wait a few minutes until most of the people that matters got out of the office.  Good thing it was a Friday, a bit of rain so people were quick to go.  So we got out of the door and the rain greeted us.  It wasn’t that heavy and kind of refreshing actually.

After a few stretching, we started to run.  First was at a 6-minute pace that continued to up to 2km.  Rain stopped by this time, and the night sky cleared (or my vision adapted).  My buddy took some time off running so he had to do the run-walk routine.  Me, having missed running for a week decided to push on to a speed session.  I kept looking at my watch to see how I’m doing, and I didn’t want to go over speeding enough that I would get a bloody knee again hurt myself, and I saw myself running to up to 4:45/km pace and I’m doing quite fine.  I slowed down and paced with my buddy whenever I see him running.

I was just targeting to run at most 8km, but due to the taper I done that week, I had the energy to do a 10k and I ended up running at 59:30.  It just rained again at that point so I had to back out.

I didn’t get sick or injured during that night run, but the next morning gave me this pain in the inner ankle.  Had it going for up to 2km so I decided to call it a day and did just 4km.  Iced it immediately and felt fine in the afternoon and in the morning.

I did another run the next morning, but this time my right shin is acting up.  I ended up doing just 6km as I didn’t want to force it - although I did intervals in this session so I guess I still forced it. :)

I guess it’s the speed that I’m doing it right now that’s harassing my body.  I don’t usually do a 10k at race pace, but I have a 21k run on July-end so I have to up my training. Too bad that it’s on rainy season that I’m doing this.  Its good that I’m focused as well, otherwise I might end up sleeping rather than running.  Anyway, I'll try to continue upping my training to be faster, just have to control it a bit to give my body a chance to catch up.  Be safe rain-runners!

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