Friday, June 7, 2013

Running the RUPM2

Took some time after the Yakult run last March before I could manage to run a race again, and thanks again to Devant for giving me the opportunity to do so.

I managed to run a race again, and just when it seems that my long runs have made me improve on my running, it just didn’t materialize that much.  Although – my Soleus clocked me at 1:01:04 on a 10.37k distance – this still translates to a 58:50:10k time!  So my personal best as measured by my own means is still a personal best (hey, running is also a challenge to one’s self, right?)

Official result says that I finished it at 1:00:58, still a feat from my previous New Balance Powerrun at 1:02:45 on a 10.43k distance for a translated 1:00:01 10k time.  It’s a little hard to understand this with all the words so I’ll break it down below to include official times from both runs (I’m a numbers freak):

GPS time @ 10k – 58:50:10 (10k RUPM2) VS. 1:00:01 (10k NBPR)
Official race time – 1:00:54 (10k RUPM2) VS. 1:02:41 (10k NBPR)

I’m happy with the time I got from the RUPM2 just the same.  I'm now on the 3rd page of the result page, looking forward to be on the 2nd page next time. :)

Although (here we go) I felt there were a few lapses I made that made me end up with this figure.  And like the previous post-run reports I made, I’ll list them again. 

  1. Lack of race preparation –
It seems like I tapered when I did not do my usual weekly run, but I was mostly out and tired with travel to Davao with work.  I had a night of heavy drinking and a couple of late night outs.  I didn’t do much hydration as well.
  1. Pre-race chat with the sponsor –
Given that we were given free race kits (kit was given to me on the day itself), I had to do a little chit-chat with them when I got there.  Didn’t get to do some planning and pre-race preps (I did my “disembarkation” of excess “load” on-site as well 15 minutes before gun time).
  1. Not a good place to start –
Since I did a lot of unnecessary pre-race activities, I ended up starting near the end of the pack – almost 2 minutes difference from gun time!  And I had to dodge around early race-walkers.  First km was at 6 minutes.
  1. Unplanned race –
Basically I didn’t check the map, hydration stations and all.  It seems like it was a regular 10k run to me that I didn’t really thought about it.
To account my times –

KM1      6'00 – Dodging the early walkers
KM2      5'48
KM3      5'52
KM4      5'53
KM5      5'50
KM6      5'42
KM7      5'53
KM8      5'55
KM9      5'55
KM10    6'05 – Found that the route was more than 10k, found myself tired
KM.300 2'11 – Blah!

And so I finished the race.

But wait, there’s more!  I had to go directly to the photo booth while there are still a few people, and I went straight to my sponsor to do another set of chit-chat that I didn’t do my post-race stretching!  It was only when I got in the car when I noticed.  Also didn’t know that I have a loot bog even if my bib is for the 500m dash (there was no stub).  So dehydrated myself.

Basically it was a running disaster.  All the running was purely out of my legs and without any effort from me, you get what I'm saying?

Good thing though, the race was a realization for me to not just train, but to prepare for race-day as well.  Imagine if I was to run my first 21k then, I would’ve been crushed with how I’d end it.  Just one of those learning the hard way situation. :)

I'm not in the pic nor do I know them; thanks Devant!

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