Monday, July 15, 2013

Quality over quantity – prepping for the Milo HM

There is a notion that more isn’t necessarily better, quality counts too.  This applies differently on different aspects, although I don’t know if this counts to running, as I have heard and read some discussions taking on each side.

On the left, we have building the base – run as more miles as you can (responsibly, of course) to build running base and cardio.  I won’t mention the “base” distance as it differs from source to source, and have considerations as to the target race distance is.  I agree to this as in any distance to run, there is a need to prepare the body, but the cons of this is time (at least for me where I’m juggling family and work)

On the right, we have the quality of the runs – intervals, hills, recovery and long runs to improve running efficiency.  Again this differs as to the capability of each runner.  This is more applicable for me where I can maximize the time I have for running by targeting specific goals in each runs.

My training route is and will always be the same – asphalt road, two bridges, one slightly upwards climb and down again, sun shine hits directly 50% of the route, the half is under shades of houses, humidity and temperature varies (very much over a week).  For the past year-and-a-half, this is where I juggle my long runs and weekday morning runs.

I still run the route, although not as much as I previously do – 3 weekday morning 5ks and a long 10k run on weekends.  On the previous weeks I just run 1 weekday morning 5k and a long 15k run on weekends.  But the difference is that I do the weekday morning 5k on either speed runs, intervals or hills.  And the weekend long run on a relatively faster pace and with some insertions on hill sprints and intervals.  It’s the recovery weekday runs that I don’t get to do.

With work and number coding getting in the way, it seems that I will continue to go on this training path, most especially since I feel an improvement in my runs.  Although I do get these pains in the Achilles and arch sometimes but its part of improving, I guess.

There’s still a couple of “possible” weekday runs and one weekend long run before the Milo HM.  And I’m gonna ease up in running those remaining days.  I’m planning to hit a conservative 2:10, a debatable 2:08 or an impossible 2:06 for my first HM.  I’m really stoked on this.  Hopefully I won’t get that early adrenaline drop.  But I’m pretty sure with the way I’m doing now, whatever time I get, I’ll be more than ever be hooked in running.

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