Monday, August 5, 2013

Men's Health Urbanathlon - challenging, (not for the unprepared)

The running event that left me bed-ridden is here again – the Men’s Health UrbanAthlon 2013 on September 29 at the SM Mall of Asia.  This is a race with a combination of “traditional road race elements with rigorous obstacles”, according to RJ Knight Rider.  Any way we put it, it’s a test of running, strength and endurance.

 Last year, even if it is out-of-way, I dropped by 360 Fitness Ortigas to register.  I really exerted effort to join this event.  At that time, I remember I was thinking that I “used” to be this athletic, so training for it was gonna be easy.  As it is, my body didn’t take it.  I was out for a month.

There are quite a few obstacles for this race:

  1. Runner’s Wall – wall-climb of up to 8-ft wall
  2. The Network – 50-foot net stretched over a bus
  3. Container Van – I think its to climb up over this
  4. Tires – to run on these
  5. The tower – 12-foot rope with a bell on top
  6. Traffic Barricades – I guess this is like steeple?
  7. Monkey bars – this I remember on my elementary days
  8. Scaffolding Maze – I guess to run through these

From the previous strength and conditioning session we had from our running clinic, I think I’m gonna have a hard time on these, most especially the Runner’s Wall and Tower.  I’ve already done 21k race, but I’m not going to do it here along with these obstacles, definitely.

Timeline, I have less than 2 months to prepare for this. I have a bunch of store openings and promos that will eat up my time.  I don’t think simple push-ups and crunches will be enough.  As it is, I just found a different running approach during my long run yesterday.  I think it will make a difference, as I was faster yesterday yet there’s nothing sore today.  While I’m excited for this, I guess I’ll have to pass. Its just too risky for the unprepared.
last year's black singlet looks better, I think.

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