Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Running in the habagat / thoughts of a treadmill

Recent tropical storm “Maring” plus the habagat (Southwest Monsoon) gave way to 5 straight non-working days.  It also didn’t allow us to leave the house.  It was ironic that in those 5 days, there were 2 weekends and 2 holidays, yet there was nothing to be festive or to celebrate.

Also in those 5 days, there was not a single chance to do some running.  Aside from the heavy rains, roads were flooded as well.  Even our compound was flooded.  Just when I was on a roll the previous weekend with 28km consecutive mileage, it really had to end.

However, before the rains I managed to do a quick one last Saturday, just before I did daddy duties - the weekdays prior to that I had zero runs.  And today, I managed to do a quick one, but heavy pouring caught me as I was finishing 5km.  My voice sounds weird and I feel heavy now, I hope this will not go bad.  It was a gamble for me running in between the heavy rains, but the runner in me insisted.

If it does go bad for me, then I think I really should go for the treadmill.  For the 5 days, I was looking and studying my options for the treadmill.  Was initially planning on going for a manual one, due to cost constraints, but reading about it I think I would have to go with the more stable and sturdy electric.  What’s bad is that what suits my running needs would be the mid-range one at 2.0HP (at least 10km/hr speed range).  This would set me back at a minimum around Php20, 000 (USD 500).  Not to mention the space needed for this equipment.

I’m assessing the need right now to get one.  Although I can get it in installment, its just too costly.  I’m weighing it to safety and convenience (as I wouldn’t have to go out in bad weather, or when I just want to go for a quick one) also to get my wife and dad to get on it to get them moving, I think the cost justifies it.

Overall, its about health and the benefits that me and my family would get from it.  My daughter at an early age will more likely to do it as well once she sees everyone in the house is doing it.  As for me, no more missed runs when I get this, just have to get the will to shell out money for it.

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