Monday, August 12, 2013

The FUN in running - Robinsons Supermarket Buddy Run 2013

The Robinsons Supermarket Fit and Fun Buddy Run finally pushed through last August 10, and it surely made up for the previous cancellation BIG TIME!

The run started on-time with a little bit of drizzle.  Good thing that the sky cleared up enough to give the runners a good view of the road.  Starting point was different from the runs I participated in BGC.  The area though doesn’t have that many parking area near it, but I got to park at the road illegally.

What’s good about it was that the route was different, and a little challenging – steep uphill with slow and steady downhill.  There were intersections where we were stopped to give way to motorists.  This is the first run in BGC that I encountered this.

Rain stopped at mid-race.  Still the weather was cool.  Hydration was flowing with Gatorade and water.  Not a problem with Robinsons Supermarket.  First stations setup was a bit late perhaps, as runners had to queue for it.  But subsequent stations were fine.

So how did I do?  Well first, it’s a buddy run, so my running buddy, Justin was with me all the way.  Its his first race (and he forgot to bring the race bib).  Anyway, it is clear that this run would be a FUN run, so I’m not looking for PR here, and told my buddy that we’ll just “enjoy the view” and the social aspect of running (there were a number of co-employees here).  So we took it at a very comfortable pace.

You can really see the FUN in my face in these pics.

We clocked in at 1:22.  Not bad, actually.  Cramps and blisters attacked my buddy.  I know how blisters feel, and it really takes a lot to run through them, so to pair it with cramps, its really something to stop about.

Post-race, what can I say, true to the previous Robinsons Supermarket run last year, it was a blast!  Loot bag was heavy with REAL usable products.  Hotdogs, ice cream and treats a plenty from sponsors.  Its just too damn FUN to even think of getting a PR in this race.

Oh, the social aspect, friends and colleagues were everywhere.  The weather was conducive enough to spend time chatting and laughing about.  A friend also celebrated her birthday, so she was treated with a birthday banner with matching flowers.

 I guess the Robinsons Supermarket could be the race where I could ease off and enjoy running.  I could do this every year, just for a change.  Anyway the day after this, I still got to run 18k, just to make up for my “competitiveness”.  But that’s a different story.

Of course the ever so supportive Devant (now I got a pic with the stiltwalker)

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