Monday, September 16, 2013

Making it hard for runners

Rant about this race organizer’s direction on race registration!  Just capitalizing on the running boom in the Philippines, I see?!

As planned, my next race would be the Rexona Run and New Balance Run this October and November, respectively.  I ran these 2 races last year and has contributed to my love of running.

Last year’s Rexona Run I was able to beat the 30-minute cut-off to get a keychain, yup, a KEYCHAIN!  But its not just an ordinary keychain, that symbolized the determination and hard training I did to reach the cut-off time.  I can still remember running with the side-stitch just so I can reach it.  It was satisfying.

The New Balance Run – I upped it by running a sub-1 10k (Soleus-time).  Again, proved that hard work really has its moments.  I also won a raffle, a NB shirt worth P2,195!  Well-worth it, and here’s when I bought my NB Minimus shoes that made me more inclined to running.

To give back to these runs that made me the 6min/km runner I am now, I planned to race them again, this time the HM.  I’m preparing as hard as I can – with the recent Milo HM, I already have an idea on how it will go (Rexona Run has the same route).  And this September has proved to be a good training month for me.

BUT the race organizer decided to mess it up by making the registration process inconvenient.  There is now a separate registration date and race kit pick-up date.  WTF?  The organizer would like us to spend to go to the registration site, and spend and possible take leave or mess up one day of family time to claim the kit!  Imagine thousands of runners getting together in two days to claim their kits?!

Here’s more, the online registration, you have to buy “prepaid cards” to be used to register online!  Plus, go to the pickup site to pickup your race kit.  Takes out the convenience of “online registration”, right?

We have noticed the increasing fees in race registrations.  We understand that there are increased costs in operating races and venues when the participants are huge, but to totally do nothing to deliver the kits to online registrants and to prepare the race kits in registration sites?  This is just too convenient for you!  You really are maximizing the profits, no? 

Anyway, I won’t let this race organizer ruin my passion for running.  I will still train and run races.  Not just this organizer’s races (or until he decides to invest a bit to make it convenient for runners).  I registered to the Domination Run on November 24 for a 21k run, and it only costs me Php700 + Php150 for shipping- this is still much cheaper compared to this organizer’s rate. 

In the end of the day, runners just want to run.  We won’t care much about the organizer and their raffles and loots, we want what’s fair for our time and money.  

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