Monday, November 18, 2013

New Balance Run 2013

Got there a bit early
So I did manage to join the New Balance Run 2013 (November 10, 2013 - birthday run!) even with all the rants about how the organizer decided to make a lot of profits out of it (by not doing any efforts to consider runners who do not have the time to pickup the race kits at the designated date and time).  Thanks to DEVANT, I got a free 25k race kit, just by posing with my DEVANT TV.  Thank you very much, and more power to you!  As for the organizer, good luck to you.

Going back, it was a good 2 months of endurance training for the HM.  Even got a good run when I was in Madrid (hmm, got to finish my blog about that) so more or less I don’t have any excuses not to perform in the best that I could.  Well, prior to the race I did have some days where I was a bit dehydrated, but it really wasn’t a major concern.

Good, consistent runs going into race week
So Devant did this online contest where you have to pose with your Devant TV and send it to them, luckily I was the first to win.  It was supposed to be for a 10k kit, but since Devant’s team was sooo accommodating, I managed to get a 25k kit!  Good thing I was race-ready for the weekend so a I just did a little taper on race week.

Winning facebook entry

Race prep was cereal, bread and banana.  I could have prepared a better pre-race meal.  I got my kit on race day.  Well the singlet given was Large, so I just wore my 2012 singlet (easy way to identify myself for the race pictures).

Race Report

I enjoyed the route
Race started exactly 4:30am, I got to the line some time 4:32-ish as I was at the middle of the 2,000 25k runners; a bit of a dodge in the first kilometer and opened a bit in closing the 2nd kilometer.

Hydration stations were plenty, lots of Gatorade and water.  I managed to stop and hydrate on the 4th and 8th kilometer to cut off some time, without compromise.

Going to the 10k mark, I was at the 58-ish time – good enough and felt just fine.

The Buendia fly-over proved to be a challenge on my legs, and I got past the uphill with a lot of effort, and a very controlled downhill to manage.

Yep, getting tired
At the 20k mark, I was at 1:58-ish time and I felt tired from running back up the Buendia fly-over.  Got to walk a steep uphill to catch my breath, obviously I was not prepared for such a long uphill/downhill stretch. I was hungry after the 20k and I don’t have any gel left (should’ve taken the banana on the 18k station).

I was at my target pace of 6:00/km up to the 25th kilometer based on my Soleus. The last 5k ate up the time I saved in the first 20k.  But I knew that I did the 2:30:25k mark that I’m aiming. 

There’s a 770-meter extension according to my Soleus, and by that time, it was only reaching the finish line that was keeping me running.  My Soleus gave me a 6:03/km pace for that race, and its acceptable for me considering my 1st 25k run.


Sore legs and a bit nauseated, definitely exhausted.  It’s a welcome feeling as I knew that I gave it all that I had.  5 minutes of recovery and I’m fine, although my legs were really sore, even after I shook it off.  I finished the Gatorade and bottled water that was with the loot bag (not a very attractive loot, with discount coupons and a plastic water bottle, with no signs of New Balance inside - could’ve been better)

I just stayed a while in the Devant booth but my friend Jeff isn’t there.  I dropped my raffle coupon but didn’t stay long as the sun was up so high and I don’t want to risk migraine attack (this weather considering the Yolanda typhoon was up just the day before).


  • I wouldn’t sign up given the race registration mechanics, too costly
  • It was a good race experience for me.  This is my first time to run the Buendia flyover and it really was a challenge. 
  • Good hydration stations but the only station with the sponges was not ready when I got there.
  • Big medal but deadly with the pointed lightning (although you really wouldn’t wear a medal while running).  There were issues of runners not receiving medals and loot bags– it’s just wrong.
  • Post-race wasn’t exciting and the staging area is so small.  Nothing much happening as well.

Assessing my performance, it was acceptable and I gave it my all.  But I still find running long
distance race redundant and boring.  Although this is only the 2nd long distance race I ran, I’m hoping that I can get over this on the next one this November 24 for the Sante Barley Domination run.  I'm going to break the 2:10 HM here.  See you there!