Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas!

Its quite a bore coming to work after Christmas.  It seems like it just too soon.  The best Holiday of they year just spent for a day, just like say a Sunday but merrier?!  Well, I’m here in the office… early… quiet… will be sleepy in a while… with tired legs… Zzzz…

Anyway, yes, tired legs – have been running this week, after a zero run the previous week.  So far I managed to wake up this morning (though late) with the thought that I will run.  So the runner in me is focused on getting back on track.  This December might have affected my fitness level seriously than I thought:

  • Having some foot pains now – (from a 5k-10k-5k run at 6min pace)
  • Felt my body’s a bit heavier on runs

Now I have mentioned in the previous blog that December really was a toxic month.  It took away the rest, the food and made me dehydrated at times.  Those contributed to the current level I’m now at.


Good health is a continuous process.  We can’t just say that I’ve been good this month so I’ll take this week off.  Well, you can probably have 1 cheat day, but really not a long time.

The good thing is that I have come to realize that while still early.  And I started to go back on track this week.  Plus, there will be quite a long holiday after the 27th.  So there’ll be more time to run, yey!

Speaking of long holiday, 2013 will be over soon.  Might have to do the year-end blog to get a good look at what I accomplished, to cap things off and to create a new running goal for 2014.  Let’s do this!

Happy Holidays!  More miles this 2014!

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