Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Balance 2015 - the birthday run

Fail to plan then you plan to fail - almost always what I live by.  Not quite with running though.  I enjoyed biking so much that I let go of my long runs.  (Un)Fortunately my favorite brand, Devant, gave me a second opportunity to run the New Balance Power Run 2014 25k distance. 
I didn’t have any plans of joining any races so I am off to maintenance runs.  A couple of 5k morning runs on weekdays and a weekend bike ride was all I had coming in to this race.

So I decided to push through with my 2nd-birthday race this year (even with total disregard on my fitness level) – in consideration of starting something long-term for running.

Race prep

The week prior to this race I had my longest bike ride at 60km.  Felt like a long run as I was #laspag (wasted) on that ride.  I had one morning 5k run that led to taper.

Last year’s chip time was 2:36 – this coming off a 6-week average mileage of 30 km.

This year’s time was 2:42 – this coming of a measly 10k average running mileage (with a lot of weekend bike rides instead of the long runs!).  I wanted to do a 6:30/km pace to be safe.


Gun start was at 4am.  I was at BGC at around 3:30am, picked up my race kit at the timing booth and went in line along with the 5,000 runners!

Started out slow at around 7-minute pace.  Its okay, there are quite a lot of us and hard to dodge runners.  It started to clear at around kilometer-3.

It was a smooth run and alternated water stations.  Took gel at km-9, and km-14.  Banana break on km-19 and a lot of hydration stops after km-22.  I felt tired from km-21 onwards.  Had to walk a bit longer on water stops and declines, but I conquered inclines!


Stretched a lot!  There was none of the soreness and blisters that I felt from the previous races that I ran.  I ate another banana and took a lot of liquid and went home.  Didn’t stay for the raffle or for anything, I just went there for the run.

So what did the extra 6 minutes cost?  It was the enjoyable weekend bike rides, lesser body aches, a lot of sleep and more quality family time. J  If you look at it this way, it doesn’t seem bad at all.

What’s next?

I have some new developments with my bike – new cockpit color scheme, optimized shifters and a newly packed wheelset from Betok (no real upgrade though).   

While for running, I have the worn-out Saucony Virrata shoe that already has 925km of mileage over a year of ownership (isn't it unfair?!)

I did manage to run a 10k over the weekend which left me with the chest cold and made me miss my weekend bike ride.  But the bike was given its due time with a few, small visual improvements.

So I guess that’s it – more bike rides and a few runs to get it going.  For now I’ll build up the bike mileage with a few long rides and sceneries – up next would be the Antipolo visit and hopefully a Tagaytay ride if I can. J  Cheers to that!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The “road” much traveled

After skipping a lot of (blogging and) workout due to bad weather, time-off to recover and gain a bit more weight, tooth extraction, I came back to my Sunday ride and weekday run strong. Strong and fulfilled!  So it looks like I’m back to beating myself up again.

But if there’s one thing that gave me the boost in coming back on the road is that I enjoyed doing it again.  No time-chasing, no heavy-breathing, just pure run-bike pleasure!

I felt good with my bike that I’m rethinking of selling it.  It seems that I do not have to spend for a new bike anymore just so I could get the fire back.  And not spending is very much welcome (at least for now, hahaha!)  Well, eventually a part’s gonna give, and spending for a “better” replacement part IS inevitable.  Okay, so that would be the wheelset, then the groupset – maybe spend a little like 27k for it, hmm, it’s like buying a new bike!

No need to over-analyze it.  Whatever comes first would be fine. Although aside from the new saddle and jersey I just bought last week and the new drop-bar I got this week, it looks as if I’m taking the road to upgrade.  I’m not sure if it’s called “upgrade” as what I’m buying are those relatively cheap and is aimed at getting a better fit (probably lowering the weight a bit as well as stock parts are heavier compared to after-market).

Will I be this kid on my birthday?
So I it’s the “upgraditis” that got me - pretty much the same road where every enthusiast takes.  The last purchases I made seem to give me a buyer’s remorse.  So I’m thinking that there will be an end to this “upgraditis” really soon.  My official mechanic and friend is trying to move out my bike though, so it might be a good idea to keep my bike the way it is for the moment.  Though my birthday is coming near and there “may” be a little surprise on the way but let’s see. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A bit too much of the things we love...

Since my MSO crashed and there’s a 15-minute "checking for problem" pop-up that I had to wait out (that is now on its 40-minute mark – hooray for Win XP!), I decided to maximize my waiting time to write about my running (or lack thereof) and biking.  Timely as well as blogging has taken the back seat of the bus right now.  Getting it back to the backseat of the car would have to take a lot of time.

The last blog I made was last July 30, and it is a late post of the Fit and Fun Buddy Run. So its either I write late, or don’t write at all.  Which seem to translate to my running now – either I run my morning 5k lazily or I don’t run at all.  But that don’t mean that I do not like running anymore, its just that I seem to be always too tired to do more.

My physical shape has significantly dropped from doing the run-bike routine.  I have been doing an average of 20km runs and 35km bike rides per week for 9 weeks and it really burns a lot.  Recovery didn’t seem to be as fast as when I was only doing running.  Rest was there but I think it’s the nutrition and strength training that I need to look in to.

Now I’m further cutting down on mileage and eating a lot to put on some weight back.  I would like to completely stop for two weeks to reset, but running has become a habit so I squeeze in a few, light morning runs.  I still wake up at 5am but I just sleep it off.  But I do have my running gear in place for times that I feel like it.  So it’s good to know that I still have the urge to run.

Right now this is where I am.  My multi-sport plans would have to be put on hold until I get back on track.  I don’t have a timeline for this but for now I’m taking it easy and listening (and looking) at my body.  I do hope that I can be back in a month’s time.  Otherwise would have to accept that I am not capable to train for multi-sport, rather just do it for the love of it, or just stick to one discipline.  I do not want the latter.  I’ll work on it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Robinsons Supermarket Fit-and-Fun Wellness Buddy Run 2014

Having attended 3rd straight year now, I can say that the Fit and Fun race is truly one of my highly-anticipated race events. 


  • Very affordable (subsidized) race kit
  • Distance is just right so no need for intense training preps
  • Gun-start time is just right
  • Loot bag is great!


  • Requires a running buddy
  • Staging area is too small to accommodate the crowd
with my running buddy, Sir Leo

I was lucky enough to win a slot in the raffle for a subsidized race fee.  From the original 1,500/pair rate for 10k distance, I only paid 250/pair!

The Fit and Fun Buddy Run has a 5k and 10k distance.  Those are very casual-runner friendly distances.  This year’s route is a bit harder than the previous as it involved Kalayaan flyover.  Not all runners get to train for hills.  But the experience should make them aim better at it.

I arrived, just-in-time for the event, and the parking lot I know was 3 blocks away!  The Fit And Fun Run starts at an unusual location in BGC, unlike most of the other runs in that area.  Anyway, that meant no pre-run stretches, but the 3 blocks became my warm-up.  I didn’t find my running buddy when I got there, and I got to stand up for about a minute after starting just so I he can see me.  Fortunately, he did - Mr. Leo, my 2014 running buddy!

On the first two kilometers, we were doing fine, dodging the crowd just to get a good space.  It was up to the Kalayaan flyover that my buddy slowed down to pace himself.  He was not used to hills.  We made it fine and after a water break, we were back to running.

On the way back up the bridge, we slowed down, and even walked a little.  It was a steep climb and I can imagine how hard it is for him to run it.  From there, we went to a jogging pace.  We were still overtaking other runners even at the pace.

We finished at 1:09 (less the wait I did at the startup) – still a good time considering my buddy wasn’t used to running hills.  Official time was 1:12.

A lotta loot!
At the finish line, we were excited for the loot bag.  It was solid and had a good weight on them.  This was the highlight of the run for most runners (as I heard from one of my running buddies).  Loot was filled with usable and premium goodies (beats any of the “Rio” runs for a whole year!)

To end this, it was a pretty good and enjoyable run with friends.  Even with the low-mileage, no-pressure maintenance runs that I do lately, its enough to finish the Fit-and-Fun run.  So I guess I’ll run again, next year. :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Completing “the Challenge”

There are times when we just have to face the situation head-on.  Even if we know that odds aren’t completely for us, we just have to do it and let it pass.  Most of the times the outcome aren’t as what we want them to be, but it serves as a lesson that will make us better human beings.

To put this in running perspective, that’s what I did with “the Challenge”.  A 21k run at the Run United Philippine Marathon 2 (RUPM 2), two weeks after the 40k Alaska Cycles Philippines bike ride.

Since I started the bike this February, I really didn’t have much running mileage anymore.  Yes I did my morning and weekend runs, but its mostly on maintenance mode.  I did have the passion on the bike, though.  I did run a couple of 10k races prior to RUPM2 and my running legs were still up to it.

But the HM proved to be the biggest challenge as I know I’m off to being devastated just looking at my previous and PB result.  Although I knew that I didn’t prepare as much as I did before, so the result would just be at that level.  I just feel bad coming off from a 2-hour HM late last year.

The race

I took the first few kilometers lightly as I usually do so as to get the momentum.  It was quite fine until I made a pit stop for a bladder break some time during kilometer 5.  At kilometer 7, I felt something poking at my right foot, like a rock that’s lodged in a shoe but I kept going.  Halfway through the race I stopped and removed my shoe to shake it off, but it wasn’t a rock – it was a blister!

We had to be stopped to give way to traffic and it was quite some time.  That stop gave me the cramps, and I had to stop again to fix it.  It was at kilometer 14.  I tried taking banana to give me that boost but its just no use.

I ran the remaining kilometers with the blister and the cramps and I knew then that it was gonna be far from my PB.  I didn’t bother to look at the watch anymore and just did the best I could.  Run-walk-run-walk as I could.

I was tired and beat up.  The staging area didn’t seem as exciting as it is, and the loot bags were just plain dull.  I got my first medal from Run United, though.  And it’s a big one!  After meeting my friends, I took a short 10km bike ride, just to enjoy what remains of the morning.

What’s next?

It seems as if I’m losing the drive to run competitively (when I say competitively its to improve on running NOT aiming to win).  I still do my twice-weekday morning runs and occasional 10k weekend runs.  But that’s it.  I tried to go beyond 10k, but its just so hard.  I tire too easily.  I got down to 120, probably really not doing enough to recover from all the running and biking I’m doing.  A lot of people have been noticing my “thinning” features as well.  All this is taking a toll out of me.

Right now I’ve been doing some body-weight lifting, crunches to get a little structure in.  And of course the usual 40km+ bike ride on Sundays because I enjoy doing it.  I guess competitive running will have to take a back seat for a while until I recover.  There’s a thought of giving up running, but I won’t give in to that (or at least I’ll try). 

So I finally got a decent photo from Run United.  For now there’ll be no more HM races.  I’ll make sure to be ready before entering the next one.  I also got a BIG medal from this race that will remind me to respect the distance.  Race analytics say that the average finish time for 21k was 3 hours.  Its significantly down from the usual 2 hours 30 mins average.  My time of 2:09 was pegged as “fast” – I’ll take it. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alaska Cycles Philippines - first half of "The Challenge"

I believe that we won’t know how much we’re capable of until we do it.  This has been my mantra for the longest time.  I may have taken more time than I should have on some occasions, and I had my share of disappointments, but this made me what I am today.  The journey goes on, and I still bite the bullet every once in a while.

Same goes with my running.  I have been pushing myself for the longest time to know my peek.  And it seems that running a 2-hour HM was the best I can do.  It is unfortunate that I have diverted much of my efforts in cycling.  But still good in a sense that I’m still maintaining my runs while doing it.  It is sad that I couldn’t make myself go to the next level.  I guess I reached my peek?  Or I just can’t manage to squeeze in running, cycling, work and most especially family?

Memories that last
Which leads me to this weekend - it was a very busy weekend.  I managed to take a leave from work last Friday to spend time with my family at the Hamilo Coast in Pico De Loro resort.  I enjoyed the family time, and we all did (except for the food – blah!).  We spent the night there and enjoyed the breakfast and the quicker route home.

Friday was also the Alaska Race expo as well.  So I had to squeeze it in the morning to pickup the race pack.  Traffic was sooo bad on a weekend, not to mention that weather was sooo hot, too.
daughter sees a fountain and
just needs to get a photo taken

It was my first time to do a race pack pick up.  I hated this when it was implemented on run races, but for my first bike race, I did it.  It wasn’t that bad, actually.  It was smooth and quick.  It was a work-day, after all.  There were quite a few sights, among them a Specialized booth, F2P merchandise, Alaska booths and then some sponsors.  I’m not the type who would actually buy something out of impulse.  More so a bike shorts that cost P1,800!  And I can’t let my family wait for me that long, so after pickup, just a few sight-seeing then I’m done.

It was almost lunch so we did a quick brunch at The Coffee Bean.  I don’t know where the Starbucks is, so it had to do. I can say that we didn’t enjoy the food as much as we would have if we were in Starbucks.  Just the same, my daughter loved her Mocha frap!

its inevitable...
Race pack was good, actually.  I got Rudy Project EFX performance bracelet (looks cool and just the right size!) that makes me look athletic, some Alaska milk products that my daughter chugged down on the same day and a very nice race bib (I actually asked to change it to XS from S as I felt that is where I’m at right now – and it is!)

Fast forward to race day.  I was assigned on Wave A, along with other Tri teams and some Pro’s.  I really didn’t know why I was assigned there, but it is where I am so that’s where I stayed.  You can say that I felt out of place as I found quite a lot of good bikes there.  I have been used to run-races where the only tools we have are our shoes and caps.  It’s a totally different scenario in a bike race.  Then again, I am a newbie in this, and I don’t (probably) need all those hi-end parts (at the moment, hehe!).

Gun start – I couldn’t get my cleats on!  I traveled quite a distance before I got them on.  First 5k I was moving at-pace with the Pro’s.  I didn’t focus on myself, so I kinda bonked up to km15.  I was out of breath, and my legs were heavy.  There was a feeling of DNF.

I got my second wind on km15, focused on breathing and pacing, and I made just fine on the roundabout flyover.  I wasn’t competitive anymore, and just went on my own pace.  Sure there were some who overtook me, but I stayed on my own pace (I’m a fast learner! Haha!)

I was still fine upon the second half of the race.  Although I had a bit of a hiccup as I swerved out of the cones and left me stranded on traffic.  I had to lift up my bike to enter the cones.  I had cramps upon doing this and felt sore until the end of the race.

The second trip up the flyover was devastating.  I had tunnel vision as I finished the stretch.  It was also getting hotter so it didn’t help.  I think I only managed a 2:50/km on this stretch.  I wished I had GU with me!
I finished strong, a lot different from running where I normally feel beaten up.  This is one the reasons why I enjoy biking more than running.  I haven’t seen much at the staging area when I got there, perks of being in the first wave. 

Recovery meals were McDonalds sausage Mcmuffin, and a box of Cupcakes by Sonja, bottle of Gatorade and of course, Alaska milk. I just the ate the muffin, and refilled my water bottle with water from Maynilad (with ice!). 

I didn’t stay long, after the race.  I just queued up for a photo booth.  I couldn’t let that pass.  Haha!  So I circled the expo and went my way back to the car and home.

Overall, I can say that it was a good experience. I learned a lot from my first bike event, and I’m sure to avoid those newbie mistakes on my next one.  There were some reported accidents and a few flat tires on the way.  I do hope they turned out okay.  I’m happy that aside from the bonking I had and a close encounter with a metal railing, I finished safely.

Let's see how it goes
The first half of “The Challenge” is complete.  My next one would be a HM for the RUPM2 this coming June 1.  I really am not fully prepared for this.  I’m hoping that the cross-training with my bike can translate to good running performance.  But if I am to base it from my previous HM training, it’s a definite fail.  So I am just hoping for the best, and that best is a 2:06 finish at the most.  If not, well, just enjoy the view and accept it. 

Cool underwater shot!

Good time

A welcome addition

Just can't let this pass

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back to racing

Takbo Mo, Buhay Ko (You Run, My Life – dunno if this is the correct usage, but its pretty much the correct translation) is a rehabilitation project of Kaarawan Mo, Buhay Ko Foundation for the benefit of Typoon Yolanda Victims in Northern Iloilo held last April 27, 2014 at the CCP Complex in Manila.

I ran this Fun Run, courtesy of OCS and given by our company (very supportive!), and because the race kit was delivered.  I signed up for the 10k race (because that’s the farthest distance).  Anyway, I don’t think I can afford to run a half as I really didn’t do any serious training this year.  My mind was set on running it and enjoying it at the same time.  Not that I didn’t enjoy races, its just I didn’t pressure myself on finishing fast at this.


result of aligning with Nat Geo run schedule
Gun start was at 5:30am (sun was up this time already), so I left the house some time 4:15ish (was supposed to be 4:00am but I had to adjust my poop).  As early as that the road to CCP was a jam due to trucks.  So I had to turn around and go the long route to CCP.  Good thing I got there, quite early.

I got to walk around a bit, did my usual pre-race rituals.  Pre-race was a zumba dance, more than the usual stretching.  I didn’t zumba!


1-3km – Start of the race; it was fun, a lot of runners were having fun!  They seem to be running at 5:00/km pace and are having fun.  I was maintaining my 5:45/km pace at this time as I just wanted to run and have some more energy for my post-race activity.

3-6km – Here’s where all those who overtook me were just walking.  They’re still having fun though.  I was now at the 5:30/km pace with a lot of energy to spare.

Good time, great medal!
7-10km – Okay so the road is now open, aside from groups of 5k, 3k and 2k runners who are still having fun while having selfies!  I was now doing a 5:25-5:30/km pace, and I’m getting bored.

Overall, I had a pretty good race result from my Garmin; it was a sub-1hour 10k for me:

Distance – 10.42km
Time – 57.02
Ave. Pace – 5:28/km

Post race

Good workout
Although I had another agenda going to this race, and of course it is something that I really love – I rode my bike!  Yes, I finally got to do a brick training and it was great!  I got to ride some 27km at a 2:24/km pace after the 10k race, and still able to walk!

The next day after this, I was expecting a lot of soreness with what I did.  But wrong!  I didn’t have any tightness or pains that could make me immobile.  I guess the bike ride made a good cool-down workout.  

At the end, it’s all about doing what you love and doing it the best you can.  I’m glad I threw the bike inside the car the night before.  And I’m glad I already built the mileage.  I may be ready to take…


Alaska Cycles Philippines on May 18 is a 40km bike race.  Training has been on going for the past 2 months, and I’m positive that I will be able to finish at around 1hr45mins if there will be no hiccups (like a flat tire or something).

Run United 2 on June 1 is a 21km running distance.  Training for this has been poor.  I’m not sure to make it sub-2 hours this time.  But I still have 3 weeks to cram.  I have been active in doing maintenance runs, but not near HM training that I used to do.

Regardless of the results, I am sure to enjoy both.  The experience of joining my first bike race, and the feel of pushing my limits to get or maintain my running PR – its great to be back to racing!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A follow up on my heart

After a month, I finally got my ECG result from my Annual Physical, and test say I have Sinus Bradycardia.  Basically, it’s a pulse-rate below 60 bpm; in my case its 54.

I have read about it and its common among trained athletes, same with the enlarged-heart issue that my X-ray showed (which by the way made me hold back to running).

To quote wise geek:

Sinus bradycardia symptoms can vary. Aside from a slow heart rate, patients may encounter rdizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness, hypertension, and syncope; chest pain, shortness of breath, and an inability to exercise may also be experienced. Irregular heat beats can also occur, including junctional, atrial, or ventricular ectopic rhythms. Fainting may also result should the heart delay to a very slow beat. It can be caused by choking as well, which is known as the vasovagal reflex — since sinus bradycardia patients already have a slow heartbeat, when the heart slows even further during choking, fainting can result.

Now can I say that I don’t have any cardio-related issues?  Assuming my conditions were related on the less-healthy side, I think I couldn’t possibly go through my run-bike activities and simply collapse or something (knock on wood!)

Although, relying on Dr. Google is not a very reassuring means to know my real condition.  (Soon, I just have to find it in my heart to do it) I will have to get this checked to confirm.  But for now, I’m still hanging on to my run-bike training.  I skipped weekend ride yesterday as I got a broken seat clamp that was due to over-tightening.  I’m glad it broke while I’m not on it.  Otherwise would have been a very awkward way to ride back home.

So while I have these conditions and recommendations about my heart that I’m just brushing aside, there’s the challenge:

The Alaska Cycle Philippines (40km bike) on May 18; and the Run United 2 (21km run) on June 1.  This comes as a challenge as I’ll be training for both races at the same time.  While I enjoy running (but not as much as biking), weather’s sooo not very good for both.

First thing first - I have to register in RU2, and this proves to be the first challenge I have to overcome.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TMI blog survey - a short look at my current state of mind

I chanced up on one of my favorite blogger, Adam for his TMI post and I thought I'd do it as well (even if I wasn't tagged in it like all the bloggers who did it).  I had the time to do it and quite enjoyed doing it.

Its true that the social network age makes us, at times, post too much than we really have to.  And this blog just rubs it in.  So while I know that you won't really care that much about my response, if you have the time to think a bit, do it yourself! :)

TMI Blog survey

  1. What are you wearing?
My lucky sleeves that I used to wear whenever I have a job interview.  And a set of pants that I used to wear 10 years ago when my waist-line was the same as most girls my age (yes, I shrunk back to size)

  1. Ever been in love?
Yes and still am, to the same woman and a kid
2014 Valentines'
  1. Ever had a terrible breakup?
Yes, as with the rest of terrible breakups, it was terrible.

  1. How tall are you?
5’4” but could get to 5’6” with a special shoe that I don’t wear too often

  1. How much do you weigh?
125 lbs, same as I was 5 years ago but with a bulging tummy

  1. Any tattoos?
No, and I don’t plan on getting any

  1. Any piercings?
Yes, left ear during college, I don’t know if its still there, will check tonight.

  1. Favorite song?
Right now its “let it go” as we sing this every night
with their tiaras while singing to the tune of Frozen
  1. Quality you look for in a partner?
Supportive, in every aspect of my inconsistent life

  1. Favorite quote?
One that’s signed and agreed by a client (cha-ching!)

  1. Favorite actor?
One who takes the blows and always end up winning in the end

  1. Loud music or soft?
Soft music definitely

  1. Where do you go when you’re sad?
I don’t get sad that much, but I do go out of the office when I do.

  1. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
This morning was 10 minutes prior to running

  1. Ever been in a physical fight?
Once, and it turned out to be fine for me, but that was a long time ago and it was a group fight.  I don’t see myself doing that again.

  1. Turn on?
Good sense of humor

  1. Turn off?
Don't like diva's. I don't know how to call it, but pretty much to this one 

  1. Fears?
Heights and falling of ‘em

  1. Last thing that made you cry?
Disciplining my daughter, just last month, I think.  As much as I don't want it, just had to make a point; nothing physical though, let me be clear on that.

  1. Last time you said you loved someone?
Last night to my daughter

  1. Meaning behind your YouTube name?
Just my name

  1. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
My wife informing her that I’m near the place where I'd meet her

  1. Favorite food?

  1. Place you want to visit?
A good, conducive spot to run, with good runners and a nice weather, similar to my San Sebastian run

 Do you have a crush?
At my age I don’t’ believe in this anymore.  But I do admire people’s personalities.

  1. Last time you kissed someone?
This morning.

  1. Last time you were insulted?
In-my-face kind, can’t remember.  But at work, most of the time.

  1. Favorite piece of jewelry?

My wedding ring that I don’t get to wear anymore, but its still my favorite.

There it is my version of TMI, quite fun reading it.  I'm sure I'll have a lot of laughs on my back-reads. #enjoythelittlethings

Monday, April 14, 2014

Injured... again

Last week was a great week for run-bike.  I logged 33kms total run for the week and 43km on a bike ride.  This may look low for an avid runner/biker but given my current fitness level, this is high-level.

sudden peak in running workout this week

My usual weekly mileage (since I got the bike) was around 15-20 km.  That consists of 3-4 runs per week, so basically its just a usual, morning run, just enough to sustain a bit of fitness.

Last week with the holiday Wednesday, I managed to clock in 18kms, which was just supposed to be a 10km or a 10-miler.  Given that I still had enough, I squeezed in a few hundred meters.

It was a good feeling to run that distance again.  I fell in love again.

Come Saturday, we cancelled our usual active day on account of tamaditis of the wife.  This was an opportunity to run again – so I did a 10k.  At around 7k, I felt tired and close to finishing I felt like I’m about to bonk.  Just the same, I finished strong.

Sunday came along.  Of course it’s the usual bike-day, so I went along with it.  Usual route was at MOA – where bikers and runners are free.  I decided to up the effort a bit and do couple more intervals than the usual.  It was a good ride.

But that’s where it hit me, and it hit me hard.  I’m now down with the chest-cold, I feel tired, and my knees feel weak.  Normally it would be sore legs – I would choose this over weakness of my knees.  Although this came to me given the mileage and the increased effort in my bike intervals, I would assess this if it came from it (too much too soon), or if it was my form.

For now, my new best friend is Ibuprofen.  I took one as I can’t function well in the work place.  Chest cold is still here and I find it painful to talk.  I might need to get some fruits today as well.

I’ll do recovery run on Wednesday again.  I will have to give my body enough time to recover.