Friday, February 7, 2014

Goodbye 2013! Challenge 2014

Good year, good year…

It was a good year for running - improved quite a lot with lesser injuries, and I achieved a 2-hour HM.

But this isn’t a year-end review if that actually sums it all up. Let’s start off with the races participated last 2013:

Chip-time / Distance
GPS-time / Distance
Yakult (Mar)
1:35:31 / 16k
1:34:52 16.02k
Petron (June)
58:38 / 10k
No time
RUPM ( June)
1:00:58 / 10k
1:01.04 / 10.37k
38th Milo (July)
2:09:31 / 21k
2:09:38 / 21.62k
RSC F&F (Aug)
1:22 / 10k
No time
NB (Nov)
2:36:11 / 25k
2:36:12 / 25.77k
Domination (Nov)
1:59:40 / 21k
1:59:43 / 21.35k

Some race pics, the best so far is with Domination Run!

Key points –

  • Huge improvement from 2012 - I have managed to run at an average pace of 6:00/km on training runs.  This has been my easy-run pace upon ending the year.  I can still remember how this used to be my race-pace in targeting sub-1 10k, and now I managed to hit sub-2 HM!

  • Peak performance – I am inclined to think that the latest performance may be my maximum already.  Training to improve distance just takes too much time and effort.  I just don’t see myself doing it.  Improve time?  This is more likely.

  • Will not put too much effort on race registrations– it seems the new trend in registering for a race includes online registration using prepaid cards and race kit pick-ups on fixed days.  And it is this kind of setup that makes me don’t want to race anymore.  It just seems too complicated and time consuming.

  • Running boom – yes, running is still hot.  I’ve been seeing a lot of people running lately.  Though it is good for them that they’re starting, but they might need to learn the progressive way to do it. (I know I will suffer from this statement).  Not to be an ass, but races are becoming too crowded now, and most really do not respect the distance.  So we end up cluttering the route with all those selfie and group shots on every corner.  Although to each his own, and for me, its about conquering myself to push my limits, so please bear with me with my opinion.

  • Too redundant – training and races have been redundant.  A race at a different setting may be an option, or cross-training with a bike.

New Gears –

  • April – Ultimate Direction Hydration bottle (hand-held) – Summer of 2013 was hot, sooo hot that I had to upgrade my hydration
  • September – Saucony Virrata - My first HM time was affected by blisters.  I realized that I can go with zero-drop, but cushion is also important

  • December – Garmin FR10 - My Soleus' strap snapped!  Garmin FR10 looks better, but battery-life not so good.
  • December - Injinji Running socks & 2 pairs Nike shorts - well, good price on sale!

So, having ran a 10k-sub-1 last 2012, I managed to run a 21k-sub-2 this 2013.  I guess it’s a very good measure of my improvement.  Off-season training for short to mid distances has been great!  Although I have no race plans as of now, I think my level of fitness is manageable and race-ready with at least a month of preparation.

For 2014 – I really have no plans yet if I’ll go at a higher distance or to go for a faster finish.  I’m doing short, frequent runs at a mid to high intensity.  I don’t know where that would take me, but I’m hoping that it would give me better time.  I'll stick to running (with a few biking), maybe lay low on races (but possibly try duathlon), but will continue to be active for wellness.  :)

Really can't get a decent pic on every RU event
1st run without GPS and turned out just fine!

1st HM with the Milo Marathon

Longest run so far

PS:  Took me a month to finish this post-year writeup.  Will have to do this more often.