Thursday, March 20, 2014

A case of sinusitis and upgraditis – cranky and a new set of cranks

Week 11 didn’t go as well as I would like it to be – at least for running.  I just logged 13km for a total of 2 runs that week, but managed to get a good 40km bike ride still - had a bit of a bottleneck on the route due to Run United 1 Race though, but still a good set of intervals.

This week I have managed to run 10km week-day run despite of the sinus issues that I have.  Tomorrow I will have a work-free day again, but it looks like my running plans to make up for last week will have to be postponed as sinus attacks are much worst today – which makes me a bit cranky about almost everything.  I’m hoping that tonight’s rest will make it better, but it seems the more I run through it, the worst it gets.  We’ll know when I wake up tomorrow.

Yes, I have a new set of cranks, got a good deal for it and will probably just shell out a few hundreds for it when I sell my old one.  It’s a one-step higher model than my current set (FSA Omega to Gossamer), but matters much on its arm length.  I’m currently running on a 172.5mm, and the shorter 165mm is a better fit.

I am hoping that I am not catching the “upgraditis” syndrome; although my grabbing the crank really is to get a better fit to gain better performance (weh?!).  Still, its good that I am keeping this checked.  I really can’t afford to have upgraditis.  But I only have one more component that needs to be adjusted – shorter head-stem – I’m currently at 100mm and might need to go down 60mm.  This is cheap though.

Blinkers are annoying, I won't be
seeing them anyway...
There are other essentials that I am planning to get for safety.  I am planning to get the Cateye HL-EL135 + OMNI 3 Combo anytime soon (by soon I mean when I have the funds).  I personally believe that having blinking lights even on daytime rides has an effect on motorized vehicles (except for a few misinformed motorcycle riders – read “idiots”).

So basically the weekend would be great for run-bike as long as this sinus pains disappear.  I would love to test drive the new cranks and see how it fits.  Too bad excitement will not cure me.  Well, that remains to be seen. J

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