Monday, March 3, 2014

RIM transition to road-biking

(This is a late post)

So after months of thinking and reading (and asking my wife for permission), I finally landed a bike – a Raleigh Revenio 2.0 – bought February 1, 2014; it is an entry bike:

 So what made me want a bike? 
  • Basically running has been redundant.  I still could not find the push I need to start training for longer than 21k/25k.  Usually it’s the races that make me go for it.
  • The registration procedures by race organizers now are complicated and I don’t have that much patience to go through with it.

What’s the plan with the bike?
  • Basically as an add-on, to complement for running.  The plan is to still continue running my weekday and Saturday morning runs, and have cross-training on Sundays.
  • Eventually do brick training and see how it goes
  • Do a multi-sport
  • And of course enjoy the bike rides and its social aspect.

So far it’s been a great first month with the bike.  Great expenses, too!  Well, it’s the essentials, really need these:
  1. Helmet – Rudy Project Snuggy – 1,700 (?)
  2. Giyo Bike Pump GP-41S – 380
  3. Kenda Tube 700c x 18/23 - 200
  4. 6-in-1 Tool set – 270
  5. Zefal Patch set – 80
  6. Evolution Anatomic Cycling Shorts - 550

And the not-so-essentials:
  1. Cateye Micro-wireless CCMC100W – 950
  2. Zefal pedals with toe-clips – 550
But lucky to have a set of hand-me-downs and freebies:
  1. Tire changer
  2. Extra presta covers
  3. 3M safety goggles (from paps-Erwin)
  4. Nike gloves (used to be my gym gear)
  5. Belt-bag/bike-kit (current running gear)
  6. Excellent service from Betokbicycles J

So far I had a good set of weekend rides this February.  I’m now comfortable in the 40km distance and had been doing some tempo rides.  I might move into high-intensity on the coming months.  By the way I joined the Alaska Cycle Philippines event on May 18 and it’s a 40km race event at BGC.  Too bad it coincided with the SBR Duaman Duathlon event, if I can’t sell it, I’ll keep it.  Anyway there’s another SBR event some time November, its double the mileage.

Generally, bikers are nice and have been lucky to meet and join groups of ‘em during my weekend ride - that makes it safe and secure so I’m planning on finding a permanent group.  It’s a huge difference from my running where I’m alone (well, alone doesn’t necessary mean lonely, and it’s “me” time).

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  1. how much did this bike weigh? I'm looking to buy the same bike used and I need to know the weight.