Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A follow up on my heart

After a month, I finally got my ECG result from my Annual Physical, and test say I have Sinus Bradycardia.  Basically, it’s a pulse-rate below 60 bpm; in my case its 54.

I have read about it and its common among trained athletes, same with the enlarged-heart issue that my X-ray showed (which by the way made me hold back to running).

To quote wise geek:

Sinus bradycardia symptoms can vary. Aside from a slow heart rate, patients may encounter rdizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness, hypertension, and syncope; chest pain, shortness of breath, and an inability to exercise may also be experienced. Irregular heat beats can also occur, including junctional, atrial, or ventricular ectopic rhythms. Fainting may also result should the heart delay to a very slow beat. It can be caused by choking as well, which is known as the vasovagal reflex — since sinus bradycardia patients already have a slow heartbeat, when the heart slows even further during choking, fainting can result.

Now can I say that I don’t have any cardio-related issues?  Assuming my conditions were related on the less-healthy side, I think I couldn’t possibly go through my run-bike activities and simply collapse or something (knock on wood!)

Although, relying on Dr. Google is not a very reassuring means to know my real condition.  (Soon, I just have to find it in my heart to do it) I will have to get this checked to confirm.  But for now, I’m still hanging on to my run-bike training.  I skipped weekend ride yesterday as I got a broken seat clamp that was due to over-tightening.  I’m glad it broke while I’m not on it.  Otherwise would have been a very awkward way to ride back home.

So while I have these conditions and recommendations about my heart that I’m just brushing aside, there’s the challenge:

The Alaska Cycle Philippines (40km bike) on May 18; and the Run United 2 (21km run) on June 1.  This comes as a challenge as I’ll be training for both races at the same time.  While I enjoy running (but not as much as biking), weather’s sooo not very good for both.

First thing first - I have to register in RU2, and this proves to be the first challenge I have to overcome.

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